Care of Orchids- Basic care guide

How to take Care of Orchids- Basic care guide

Orchids- the exotic blooms with unrivalled beauty are the largest group of flowering plants. Their amazing ability to adapt to any environment is the reason for their diversity. Read on to find out the basic guide to take care of orchids.

Whether it is a kitchen window, bathroom or any centrepiece of your living room orchids are excellent and elegant for home decoration.

Are you new in the world of orchids and wondering how to take care of Orchids?

Well, the truth is orchids are not that difficult to take care of. Here is a guide that will help you to take care and keep your orchids thriving.

1) Place your orchid in the right place

Needless to say, orchids are incredibly sophisticated and luxurious. They are very specific about light and temperature. Since most orchids are kept as houseplants, it is essential to place them in the most suitable place. Some orchids may prefer high light, whereas some can be very sensitive to high brightness. Place your orchid on the brighter side of your home, preferably facing east or west.

2) Know about your orchid

Now that you know orchids are the largest variety of flowering plants, they come in an array of various species, and so their care requirements vary depending on their type. To provide them with a proper growing condition, you have to know the needs of your orchid. Collect adequate information about the variety of orchids. It is always better to buy a plant with species or hybrid name to know about the plant you are growing.

3) Feed them regularly

We all know plants obtain their nutrients extensively from the soil. But when we bring home, we remove them from their natural habitat. To boost their nutrient needs, a balanced plant fertilizer is needed.

Now the question that may click into your mind is when to feed!

You will get the answer when you see the flower of your plants. The perfect time to replenish your plant is when the flowers start to fall. This is because orchids need optimum nutrients for prolonged blooming. Fertilizing regularly provides them with the nutrients that help to keep them rejuvenated.

4) Potting tips

Orchids do not grow traditionally on pots. Therefore it is essential to know the growing medium of your orchid. Use pots that have drainage holes as this will drain out the excess water so that their roots like to breathe and feel free. The root growth is the ideal way to determine the health of your orchid. Small and clear pots are ideal for the roots to adjust the plant while it establishes itself.

Clear pots are recommended for orchids to keep an eye on their growth of roots. Moreover, clear pots allow them to absorb sunlight.

5) Watering

Watering orchids is one of the most challenging things as they need to be water differently than the other plants. Watering needs extensively based on the kind of orchid you own. Excess or watering daily can rot the roots. The appropriate amount of water varies with the seasons, the environment on which it is growing. The key advice of watering orchids is to water before the plant dries out. You can check by inserting a wooden stick (ice cream stick) into the potting mix. Darkened sticks indicate enough moisture.

6) Repotting

For the orchids to bloom actively, it is essential to give them a potting media in good shape. However, repotting every one to two years is important to allow root aeration to maintain a prolonged and healthy life of your orchid. Why is this necessary? Orchids are potted in a mix consisting of bark mix, loose coarse mixed with other organic materials. Over time this mix becomes finer, and the organic materials break down that fails to provide the sufficient nutrients. Hence, reporting is essential.

With these basic essential care guides, you can keep your orchid healthy and blooming for a prolonged time.

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