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How to Set Up Your Luxury Brand in the Market via Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms for luxury brands to reach and interact with their audience. Social media marketing for luxury brands is different from how it works for your average brands since the former do not sell everyday products and need a different strategy.?The key to a good marketing strategy for luxury brands is to create a vision of an exclusive lifestyle. If you are trying to find out how to set up your luxury brand in the market via social media, this article is perfect for you.?

Social media strategies luxury brands should leverage

Here are some intelligent social media marketing strategies you can employ as a luxury brand.?

  • Prioritize quality over quantity

As a luxury brand owner, you would want to get noticed and not get lost in the sea of information on the internet. Social media is chock-full of information, and you want your target audience to still notice you. People make over 7000 tweets on Twitter and 738 Instagram photos per second. Getting noticed in this enormous number of social media actions is difficult and almost impossible.?

Here, you must focus on producing premium-quality content and be consistent with your posts to build a brand image on social media that users follow and want to see more of.?

  • Pay close attention to the timing?

You should research the timings during which your target audience is most active on different social media sites.?

Hootsuite says that the best time to post on Instagram is between 6 am and 12 pm, while the best time to post on Facebook is between 1 pm and 3 pm.?

  • Do not forget blogging?

As a luxury brand owner, your blog is your best friend when you are trying to drive more traffic and increase your presence on social media.?

If you set up your blog entries precisely, they will transfer beautifully on social media platforms.?

Include a well-executed blog post on either LinkedIn or Facebook, and you will be met with an immediate boost in website traffic. If executed perfectly, this will bring you more customer awareness and brand engagement.?

  • Maintain a content strategy calendar?

Invest in curating a content strategy calendar to keep up with your posts and be consistent with your social media content.?

You needn’t post every hour or day. Posting on one day of the week is also effective. Just make sure that you consistently post content on the same day every week. Consistency will make a real difference to your business.?

Social media sites luxury brands should target?

  • Instagram?

If you want to generate user-generated content, you must work with the right influencers and experts. Many luxury brands posted consistent content in collaboration with influencers during the pandemic.?

Posting engaging Instagram Stories and Reels is also a very effective strategy for grabbing your target audience’s attention while showcasing your brand personality and image. Some Instagram story ideas are to post photos and videos about your brand’s behind-the-scenes to familiarize your followers with your brand and products. You can also use the Live feature to interact with your audience.

  • Facebook?

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms for luxury brands. Its segmentation powers are unbeatable and allow you to locate your target audience precisely to interact and market to. Facebook is perfect for targeting and finding the right community that desires luxury brands.?

Moreover, Facebook owns Instagram, making it easier to share images and videos across both platforms. Include Facebook marketing and Facebook video ads in your campaign to get returns on your ad investment.?

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is rich in organic content and offers both paid and organic ways of sharing content. According to a survey by Business of Apps, more than 59% of millennials have discovered new brands and products through Pinterest. As a luxury brand owner, you shouldn’t ignore this platform.?

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform. One of the reasons it is so popular among millennials is its appealing visual boards. Most users can save content as ?pins? for products they wish to purchase. For example, users might plan an entire outfit and buy it through a Pinterest post. This is one of the reasons why Pinterest drives more traffic to commercial sites than any other social media platform.?

Moreover, users are drawn to Pinterest because they feel good using it?and this is exactly what luxury brands aim to do. The more Pinterest’s influencer audience creates boards with your products, the more traffic your website receives.?

  • YouTube?

Popular for sharing and uploading video content, YouTube has emerged as one of the most prominent platforms for organic advertising. You can work with influencers or have an in-house video team to create video content that drives sales.

YouTube is great for publishing ads that target specific markets. For example, its algorithm might advertise luxury Greek food and alcohol to a user who’s been watching many Greek travel videos.

You can collaborate with influencers to mention your brand in their shopping haul or brand review videos. You could also ask them to simply wear outfits from your luxury clothing brand or showcase a luxury product in a video as product placement.?


To get the best results in your social media marketing campaign for luxury products, you need a team of experienced experts working behind the scenes. Ensure they know what they are doing since there is no room for guesswork when marketing for luxury brands. You need to be sure of what you are doing. You wouldn’t want to waste money on Instagram or Facebook video ads when you are unsure how successful or useful they might be.

You can carefully curate and build your luxury company’s reputation and brand visibility with the right social media marketing strategies. Although the social media landscape might seem grueling and challenging at first, it is one of the fastest-growing platforms in this generation that everyone wants to be clued in on.?