How To Sell Tickets On Ticketmaster

Have an event you are super excited to host but are not sure how to sell tickets for it? You could stick with advertising and just selling tickets at the door, but let’s be honest, that’s not the best way to go. You should capitalize on the digital market by selling tickets online. Here is how to sell tickets on Ticketmaster.

Start By Learning About Ticketmaster

Before you begin to sell tickets on Ticketmaster, make sure it is the right ticketing platform for your needs. Ticketmaster is better suited for larger events and their customer support prioritizes larger events over smaller ones. It also charges a 15% service fee on the face value of the ticket that you as the event holder have to pay. Not to mention the 10% service fee your customers have to pay.

Ticketmaster also requires that you pay a payment processing fee that varies often. There is no set way to determine how much it will be. It can be anything from 1% to 31% per ticket. If this sounds like too much for you, then you may want to consider a different way to sell event tickets online.

Set Up Your Account

If you decide Ticketmaster is the right ticketing platform for your needs, then you will need to set up your account. You can do so by going to their main website and scrolling to the bottom of the page where it says “Ticket Your Event.” Click on this link and it will bring you to the Ticketmaster business page.

There you will begin setting up your account by providing your name, email, and basic event information. Once you hit submit, a confirmation email will be immediately sent to you that requests more information. Fill this out and send it back in order to start account creation. Account creation can take anywhere from a few days to three weeks.

Start Selling Tickets

Once your account is created and posted, people will be able to begin buying tickets from you. Many consumers recognize the ticketing platform and will trust it enough to make a purchase from you.