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How to properly succeed with online business

2020 was a complete surprise for many. Although certain categories of the digital sphere survived and even strengthened their positions. These are online games, grocery delivery, and other areas that people sitting at home have become in dire need of. At the end of the year, it’s time to predict what’s next? We have collected the top digital marketing trends for 2021, which were published by Western media, including Google.? Let’s see how to properly succeed with an online business.

Focus on user experience

User experience, user experience, UX is the experience that the client receives in the process of interacting with the product, in particular, when using the company’s website or application. And it would be nice for the user to be simple, convenient and pleasant. This is the responsibility of the UX design of the digital product.

Difference between UX and CX

CX, customer experience is the experience that the client receives in the process of interacting with the entire company, the overall satisfaction from using a product or service. For example, a client ordered shoes in the application or on the website and everything was convenient when ordering, but he received the wrong size or the wrong model, delivery was delayed, and support did not respond in time

UX, user experience is one of the elements of CX, the experience of a client when interacting directly with a specific digital product. In the example with ordering shoes, this is how clear the search and the filter system are to the user, whether it is possible to consider in detail the model you like, whether there is a detailed dimensional grid and a convenient option for online payment.

Content visualization

Users prefer to watch content rather than read it. Text content is more difficult to perceive than visual content. Research has shown that 91% of consumers prefer visual and interactive content over text sources. The consumer has to put in more effort to compose a picture of the promoted product: he has to come up with images in his head himself, as a result of which the presentation is incomplete. Videos are very important, that’s why you should focus on YouTube and Vimeo. Even TikTok is getting stronger every month. Create a business profile on the platform, buy YouTube subscribers and get a more active fan-base. Post on regular bases and you?ll see how the algorithm will give you organic boost for the desired keywords.

Content visualization relieves potential customers of this routine and allows them to quickly get the information they need about the product. Proof of this is the rise in popularity of social media for sharing photos. According to statistics, 72% of Instagram users purchase products directly in the application.

You don’t have to look far for examples – use pictures in the text to illustrate the subject of the conversation and place the necessary accents. Buzzsumo analyzed 1 million users and found that posts are shared 2 times more often if pictures appear in the text every 75 – 100 words, and not less often.

Personalized advertising

Personalization is the connection between the customer and the brand. One of the main problems of modern marketing is the lack of proposals based on personal experience and individual needs of consumers. Universal banner ads that have flooded the digital space are becoming less effective.