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How to Choose the Best Student Accommodation Near the University of Queensland

Getting admission to the University of Queensland is a dream for many. Being one of the six sandstone universities and ranked 2nd by the Australian Research Council, it is a public research university situated in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. If you are lucky enough to get admitted in one of the bachelor?s, masters, doctoral, associate, or higher doctorate courses in one of its colleges, the next thing you must be concerned about would be choosing the best student accommodation.

Here, you will get information about choosing the best student accommodation near the University of Queensland. Once you go through this information, you can click for more to get directed to some of the best options available out there.


The main university campus is the St Lucia campus, mainly situated on the inner suburb riverside of St Lucia, south-west of Brisbane’s central business district. Other facilities and campuses of the university are spread across Queensland, the biggest of which being Mayne Medical School and Gatton campus.?

Where you want to live largely depends on where your campus is. Apart from being near your campus, the accommodation should also be close to local shops and other facilities and be well-connected with your preferred transport system.


While you are excited to start your university classes, it is easy to forget one of the most crucial factors while choosing your students’ accommodation: security. If you are an international student, there are maximum chances that you would be living alone or with a partner in your accommodation. Therefore, finding a place to live with a low crime rate is advisable.?

The place that you choose should have robust security systems, like CCTV, alarms, etc. The staff members should stay around so that you can feel safe. If there are other rooms in the building, they should be full and not vacant.?

Approachable and Friendly People

If you choose to stay in an organized students? accommodation facility, their staff members should be friendly, and they must make efforts to make you feel comfortable. If you choose to live with a family, they must be helpful and approachable people you can feel happy staying with.?

If you have a problem, they must listen to you and try to resolve the issue. Since you are away from your family at a new place, they must show their readiness to help you in every possible way.


The ultimate aim of going to the University of Queensland would be studying, but you would need some fun in your life too. The accommodation you choose should be equipped with some communal and entertainment facilities, such as a cinema room, gym, common area, jogging park, etc. Check out the facilities and click for more here.?


As far as household work is concerned, you must not be left alone to do everything on your own. There must be laundry, cooking, and cleaning facilities at the minimum. Other than that, look at facilities like parking, Wi-Fi connectivity, linens, etc. to stay comfortable.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your decision much easier while selecting the best student accommodation near the University of Queensland. Do your research and find the right place where you can stay safe, sound, and comfortable.