Bet on Cricket

How to Bet on Cricket from Your Mobile Devices?

The betting industry is growing by leaps and bounds and technological advancements are assisting it in multiple ways. We know that smartphone penetration has reached an all-time high among the masses. The purpose of phones is no longer restricted to be a mode of communication. Today, you will find a lot of people using their mobile devices, including phones and tablets for surfing, playing and watching games, shopping, banking and even for sports betting. The cricket betting apps on mobile devices work wonders in keeping yourself updated with all the developments in real-time with the game or team you are betting on from anywhere.?

How to Bet on Your Mobile Gadget?

Your mobile gadget works as your bookie if you have an active internet connection. We have come a long way from the time when you had to go to the local bookmaker to place a bet. Later, with the advent of the internet, you could do it from your desktop, but today, smart mobile devices have made it possible to carry your bookie with you and place a bet whenever you want.

You can place your bet on mobile devices in two ways. These are:

  • Using Browser: You can use the mobile browser and access your account online to place the bet. Most of the betting sites today are mobile-friendly and they can be accessed easily from mobile devices. You will find all the features and options there, though they might look a bit different but very much visible.
  • Using App: Some sites have come up with their mobile apps, which can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Now, whenever you want to bet or get any update, you need to simply open that app and do the needful.?

Live Mobile Betting

Today, technology is in an unstoppable mode and now you also have an option of live betting. This betting happens when the match has started and thus is also called in-play or in-running betting.?

For instance, let?s say you are watching a cricket match in a stadium and a sudden turn of events has made all your statistics take a backseat. You can then bet on a new one during the event and even change your bet as the events unfold. This type of betting allows you to analyse the possibilities when the real action is happening and not based on some data and its analysis. This betting is getting extremely popular as it allows people to act in a jiffy when the real action is happening. The bettors are finding it to be very exciting and fun and the deep penetration of mobile devices is allowing more and more people to shift to live betting.?

It looks like live betting is here to stay, but you definitely cannot claim it as the future of betting. This is because technology is ever evolving and what appears to be the best today soon gets replaced by something better tomorrow. The only thing we can be sure of is that sports betting will continue; however, only the future will decide the ways and modes.