How Restaurants Create an Eclectic Look and Feel to The Space Through The Use Of Table Lamps

Creating an eclectic look with table lamps in a restaurant usually means a mixing and matching of various styles, materials, and designs. 

While creating a spot-on look in a dining setting requires some personal taste as well as a flair for the unknown, there are steps that you can take to create an eclectic and dynamic lighting scheme with table lamps.

4 steps to table lamp greatness

Starting by choosing table lamps by FERM with diverse styles, shapes, and materials. You can mix a look of vintage, modern, industrial, and traditional lamp designs to create a sense of contrast and surprise.

 Next, you’ll want to change up the heights of your table lamps. Think about combining tall and short lamps on different tables to create depth and playfulness to the overall look. 

You might also want to opt for lamps with colourful bases or lampshades. Consider bright, bold, or contrasting colours that stand out and add vibrancy to the restaurant’s decor. Mixing a range of materials can also help with this. Items made from glass, metal, wood, ceramic, and fabric can add depth to the eclectic look.

Experimentation is also an important part of the process. Use lampshades with different patterns, textures, and shapes, and be open to patterns like florals, geometric prints, or even fringe details for a bohemian touch.

Combine table lamps with other sources of light, like pendant lights, wall sconces, or candles, which can create a layered and dynamic lighting process. Vintage or antique table lamps can also bring a sense of history and charm to your eclectic decor. 



Remember that the key to achieving an eclectic look is embracing variety, mixing elements, and letting your creativity run free. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and use table lamps as versatile design elements to create a truly unique restaurant atmosphere.