Hip Hop Artists With The Best Twitter Game

Hip Hop Artists With The Best Twitter Game

Every day, social networking becomes a busier environment, an infinite interactive space which is becoming extremely challenging to manage as a result. It is crucial to consider not only how to utilize social media sites to your benefit as an independent artist, but also to recognise and individuals are worth following. The burden of maintaining a visible profile on social media is for both products and organizations. Still, the most successful way to exploit outlets such as Twitter and Instagram is to interact with specific influencers. There are thousands of websites and blogs vying for your interest out there and baiting you to click on their stories of Drake vs. Meek Mill-type, but for talented Hip Hop Artists, these kinds of hot topic posts should be an incredibly low priority.

The sort of content deserving of your time is guidance from members of the music business who appreciate the company’s ins and outs. There is something to gain about others who have seen it all with aspiring musicians who are only getting acclimated to music as a profession. The business is packed with respectable people from artist owners to marketing savants, who have been through the best and worst of hip-hop since it progressed throughout the years.

The hip-hop on?RapTV?is progressing very rapidly. Connect the power of Twitter and it happens much more rapidly. The social networking network enables audiences not just to connect with their favorite artists ? when they message themselves ? but to stay up with any piece of genre news.

If the desires of fans lay with the underground emcees or the celebrity artists, somebody on Twitter is there to help keep them linked. But if it’s not really your power to follow hip-hop news, at the very least you can watch the joke, tease, throw subliminal shots, and indulge yourself in Twitter beef. Nothing beats seeing teaser-thug suspense happen in front of your eyes.

Kanye West:

With over 10 million fans to his account, the US rapper is number 18 on our Twitter rich list.

Kanye West has shared a collection of social networking and self-esteem reflections, along with a screen shot of a chat with Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, who believes it’s time to reform a framework that doesn’t operate like it does or once did. “Social networking may be healthy, but we have to keep the heads accountable for the psychological harm it often does,” wrote West, referring to Denzel Washington’s video posted to Instagram, suggesting that young people can turn off social media.

Snoop Dogg:

The Twitter profile of the rapper is special in that he genuinely appears to react to followers, saying “keep pimpn” to his thousands of “playas” and offering his several “nephews” love many times a day. Everything in between pushing, of course, his latest program on MTV.

Ice T:

Those three terms were tweeted to his 1.6 million fans by the celebrity rapper and singer, who penned the lyrics to the infamous 1992 hit “Cop Killer.” It was part of a retweet of the Black Lives Matter vigil crowd footage watched by thousands Tuesday outside of the Idaho Capitol in downtown Boise.

Ice-T’s post has been retweeted over 2,000 times ? and viewed more than 11,000 times. The initial tweet, though, from @JoshuaPotash, has since suddenly been deleted.

Chase N. Cashe:

Last but not least, without including an individual hip-hop artist, someone who lives and breathes music just the way you do, our list will not be full. Every once in a while, several hip-hop artists (both known and independent) drop gems on Twitter, yet New Orleans producer/rapper Chase N. Cashe is somebody who sticks out thanks to his guidance that is hard-edged but useful.