Here Is A Tried And Tested Way To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

As a beginner you might think that growing cannabis from seed is as simple as it sounds. However, you might forget to pay attention to all the potential factors that need consideration. Such factors will ultimately decide your success.?If you fail to harvest the cannabis crop, you have to start over, which means the invested money, effort, and time would go to waste. So, in this article we will discuss how you can germinate cannabis seeds as a beginner.

Many experienced growers consider both options – cannabis clones and seeds. Of course, both ways have their perks, but let me tell you here, seeds are easier to obtain and store, whereas getting in the business of clones can consume time and energy.

Moreover, finding the right cannabis seeds can be difficult. Besides, if you are lucky you will find a genuine seller. They will sell the desired number of seeds you might want. You can track and find local cannabis dealers nearby your area or contact any registered marijuana seed dispensary.

The Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

What Seeds to Pick as a Novice Grower?

You need to know about the kinds of seeds you are getting your hands into. So, do your homework and research about the preferred strain.

Moreover, try something that excites you. Probably, you are not yet aware of your preference. If that is the case then you can go for seeds that are easier to grow.

Hence, you can consider any option to start your business. You can start with Northern lights, which grow super fast and are famous. Also, you can disguise their aroma and play it safe while growing.

Next, you can consider growing Blue Dreams. It is easier to grow, provides a sense of satisfaction, fights mood swings, and will make you super high after consumption.

What Should the Seeds Look like?

Ensure the seeds are mature when you buy them. Lighter aroma, dark brown in appearance, and seems hard in touching are the signs of maturity. Here you should also know that the greenish color of seeds or feel lush should not be taken back home as they need time to mature.

After acquiring the seeds, start looking for a safe place to grow them. Since the growth and germination of their roots is difficult and the process is significantly longer, you must speed up the finding location process and start cultivating. It also requires day-to-day attention, so make sure the place is nearby, so you can offer enough time to your cannabis.

What is the Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Germinating cannabis seeds is not a complex task. For starters, you need water, fresh air, and heat to start the process. You can find several ways to germinate these seeds, but here we will discuss the easier way for novice growers.

Let’s start learning the germination process. But first, make sure you have enough water, a plate, seeds, and a paper towel.

You can start with using a paper towel and make sure to soak them in the water. It should not be flooding. Wet the towels so they can merely absorb whatever you would put on them. Now, we are going to make some layers here. Make the first one by placing a paper towel on a clean plate and stick the seeds into it. Make sure to maintain at least one-inch space between the seeds.

You can repeat the same process and ensure you keep it safe and secure by hiding it with the plate. Besides, we recommend to place your seeds in a warm place, at least 25 degrees, and then have patience. It will take some time, but when they find the right place to grow, the process will be non-stop.

However, you should forget about your seeds as soon as you place them in a safe place. Keep visiting them and see if the paper towel is wet or needs something to nourish, like water or more heat. Then, after a few days of proper care, you will see them growing. Here the most noticeable feature they would show is taproot appearance.

You should see the growing taproot in a primary stem, but do not get excited and start touching it. Ensure the stem area and the tadroop growing room is clean.

How to Proceed Further?

Planting the seeds is not enough; you should keep watering the pots and ensuring they receive enough moisture to grow and nourish. Also, keep providing enough water to the pots. It is needed to save them from the diminishing process. Moreover, ensure that the plants are getting enough sunshine or warmth for the germination process. Here you should learn that the growing process can vary by seed genetics. Still, sooner or later, the germination and growing process will start. So, have some patience and happy growing!