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Here are 5 fun Elden Ring builds to take on any boss

So, you’ve discovered Elden Ring, right? Have you made the decision to travel through the Lands Between? You aren’t a seasoned soulslike player, but you have completed a few content games and aren’t scared of difficult rumors. However, now that you’ve progressed further in the game, the bosses are proving to be too much for you.

  1. The Frost Warrior is a character in the game The Warrior of the FrostSo there’s no need to be alarmed. COGconnected has put together a list of the best 5 Elden Ring constructions to help you take down any boss. We’re likely to have a build that appeals to you, whether you enjoy magic, massive weapons, fast assaults, or something else different. This should go without saying, but there will very probably be spoilers in these builds. If you’d prefer go it alone, you might want to skip this section. If all you want to know is where to get some fantastic weapons and how to build your character around them, keep reading.

    Some of the weapons in the builds on this list aren’t the most accessible to early-game characters. Those of you entering NG+, on the other hand, will be grateful to have them in your arsenal as you prepare for the challenges ahead. Let us enter the Lands Between and look at some builds, brave Tarnished, if the flame of ambition burns inside you. 

Do you look forward to the cooler months? Do you have a strange need to put everything in your immediate area on ice? Is this preoccupation with the cold affecting Elden Ring? It’s excellent news. There’s a build out there that’s ideal for you. As you can see, Elden Ring has a wide range of status effects. The influence of frostbite status is likely the most underappreciated.

Frostbite is a one-of-a-kind status effect that can be applied to adversaries who are repeatedly attacked by a weapon with the associated status effect. When you use it on an opponent, you deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. However, that isn’t all. In addition, during the duration of the frostbite effect, opponents receive a debuff that increases all damage taken by 20%. Do you see where I’m heading with this?

Though frost can be used to a variety of Elden Ring weapons, one in particular shines. It also has an ash of war built in, which is perfect for this design. The Icerind Hatchet is, of course, this weapon. This light axe, which can be discovered in the Liurnia temple district of the Lakes temple district, not only produces frostbite but also comes with war ash: Hoarfrost Stomp.


 The stomp is a frostbite-causing AOE ash of war that is extremely effective and spammable. Furthermore, Elden Ring runes just costs 10FP. It may stun weaker opponents by causing nearly 100 degrees of frostbite on each strike. When you’re safe, spam Elden Ring Runes PC on monsters to deal massive frostbite debuffs and expose them to hits. This combo can be made even more effective by equipping the Shard of Alexander talisman, which raises your skill damage by 15%. You should additionally level Dexterity, Endurance, and Intelligence for this build.


  1. Construction of the Kamehame-comet

The spells are by far one of the most beautiful features of Elden Ring fight from an aesthetic sense. Furthermore, just a few spells can compare to Comet Azur, one of the game’s most powerful spells. Comet Azur is a spell you’ll need in your spellbook if you want to be the most powerful wizard of the period.

Comet Azur is a massive burst of energy capable of obliterating even the hardest bosses’ health bars. It can be located in Mt. Gelmir’s Hermit Village. When coupled with a staff, it becomes much more effective as a boss killer. However, with so many staffs to choose from in the game, how do you know which one to use? Despite the fact that there will be other staffs working on the project, we will have to recommend Azur’s Glintstone Staff.

Despite the fact that this staff increases the FP cost of sorceries by 8%, it allows you to cast spells faster. When performing spells, it also enhances your dexterity. This staff is ideal for any wizard who wishes to keep enemies at away by unleashing a torrent of spells at them. Combine your Comet Azur with any spell that shocks or stuns your opponent, then use your comet to vaporize them. So, for this build, you’ll want to level up your intellect because Comet Azure requires a huge 60 intelligence to use. When repeating spells, it’s also important to keep points in mind. Godfrey’s Icon talisman, unfortunately, is powerless against Comet Azur. We recommend the magic scorpion charm to boost your magical attack power.

Of course, Azur’s Glintstone Crown is a huge addition to this configuration. If you want to make your Comet Azur as powerful as possible, put this crown on it. Increase your damage output even further. Keep an eye out for the fireworks as well.


  1. The Destroyer of Gods is number three on the list.

You are a forthright person. A huge sword catches your eye and appeals to you. You want to cause a lot of havoc. There isn’t any other option. That’s where the God-Greatsword Slayer’s comes in. It has DOT damage, a fast attack speed, and a cool appearance. The God-Greatsword Slayer is a terrific weapon for big-sword lovers.

Caelid’s Divine Tower contains a huge greatsword that is faster than others. It gives up massive burst damage in exchange for speed and magical DOT, albeit  Elden Ring items for sale does less damage than other massive weapons. Its most important weapon is the Queen’s Black Flame. The sword not only has a rapid attack speed (for a Greatsword), but Elden Ring runes for sale also possesses hyper-armor on several of its actions, guaranteeing that you are not staggered out of your attacks.

Surprisingly, for this build, you’ll want to prioritize dexterity and faith. Adding points to strength and vitality, on the other hand, will help the build fill out a little more. Arm yourself with a warrior jar shard or an Alexander talisman shard. These will boost the amount of damage dealt to opponents by your Queen’s Black Flame skill. Throwing the Bull-talisman Goats will boost your confidence as well. With this build, you’ll be slaying bosses in no time, burning them down and then swinging in for the kill.


  1. A Swarm of Arrows

Despite the fact that archers aren’t as powerful as the other builds on this list, many gamers prefer to play as them. This build provides a fun way to play by allowing you to weave around bosses while looking for excellent strike opportunities. Let me introduce you to the Red Branch Shortbow. If you use a quick-firing moveset, you’ll flood your adversaries in status-afflicting arrows.

Shortbows are unique in that you can shoot jump-and-roll shots with them. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll be able to fire multiple arrows at once. A volley of battle ash is also included with the Red Branch Shortbow. The ability to fire a high number of arrows at a single adversary.

The Red Branch Shortbow, which may be discovered in a variety of locations, including the Royal Capital, allows players to use a quick but effective ranged attack. The weapon’s best feature, though, is how quickly  can cause status ailments. You can shoot bosses with blood arrows or other status effects right away, dealing massive damage before they ever get close. You may even fight up close and personal with the dodge shots.

This build prioritizes agility, strength, and endurance. Millicent’s Prosthesis and the arrows sting talisman are two items that can help you do a lot of damage quickly.


  1. The fifth film in the series is The Bleeding Edge

You’d all figured it out. The Bleed Build is the last but not least. Though bleed works on a wide range of weapons, katanas are probably the most effective. However, one katana in particular excels in applying bled. This weapon is, of course, Rivers of Blood.

Rivers of Blood is a hugely powerful Katana that can be found at the Giants’ Mountaintops’ Church of Repose. Thanks to its distinctive ash of war, Corpse Piler, this weapon deals bleed damage like no other. With a fairly ranged, large damage ash of war, attack speed, and bleed damage, this weapon poses a threat to almost every boss. Melania, Miquella’s Blade, has been known to be taken aback by it. It rips opponents apart and gives you a sensation of dominance.

This build shines thanks to its dexterity and arcane focus. Arcane will help with the hemorrhage, while dexterity will help with the hurt. Every time you cause bleed with the Lord of Blood’s Exultation talisman and the White Mask Helmet combined, your damage is enhanced by 30%. You can become the boss with the Rivers of Blood flow build.

Enjoy yourself.

That’s it: five different builds to help you defeat any boss while having fun. These builds should aid you in surviving the hazardous Lands Between. However, mastering the skills and weaponry in these setups will take some time due to the fact that practice makes perfect. Things should be a lot easier when you’ve done that. Good luck, brave Tarnished, and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it.