Hedonist Holiday Truffle Collection

Remember when I reviewed Hedonist truffles that were maybe no longer for sale? That’s because they replaced them with new truffles, their Holiday Collection, comprised of Champagne Pomegranate, Egg Nog, Fig, Ginger Molasses, and Orange Clove. I was lucky enough to get a free sample box to try (and managed to pick up a hidden away cardamom truffle while I was there!).

Champagne Pomegranate is a molded dark chocolate shell with a milk ganache. It smells lightly fruity. The truffle contains definite fruity notes of red fruits, but I wouldn’t place it as pomegranate, exactly. I get some light, boozy undertones from the champagne (though that could be my imagination). Finally, the light sprinkle of granulated sugar on top was a nice textural touch.

Egg Nog is a dark chocolate shell around a creamy white chocolate ganache. The flavor profile is nearly all nutmeg, with a light eggy-ness below. It tasted super fresh, but it was too much nutmeg for me.

Fig smells absolutely lovely, of fresh cinnamon. The ganache is chock full of figgy-ness, as in actual bits of figs. The figs impart a light chew and grit that blend so well with the duskiness of the dark chocolate and the strong cinnamon notes. It works really nicely!

Ginger Molasses was a dark chocolate shell with a super creamy molasses ganache, topped with bits of candied ginger. I love that topping and the ganache. The latter tastes like creamy brown sugar with dark notes of molasses and goes well with the dark chocolate couverture.

Orange Clove is yet another dark chocolate shell, this time topped with a bit of candied orange peel. It has strong clove notes with a citrus undertone; the clove comes through first, then a light citrus/orange oil essence comes through. It’s too much clove for me, but clove is in the name, so it’s not unexpected.

The ginger molasses and the fig are my favorites and merit OMGs. Champagne pomegranate gets an OM, and orange clove and egg nog, while well made (like everything Hedonist does), gets an O. All in all, a lovely, seasonally-themed set.