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Health and Safety Tips to Have More Fun at the Mall

Do you need to get something from the hypermarket? Have you wanted to visit your favorite restaurant to satisfy your cravings? Would you like to have fun in the snow in the middle of the desert? Well, you can do all these and more when you visit the best shopping mall in Doha. From dining, entertainment, shopping, and exciting events, you can now go back and enjoy some time at the mall.Lets see some Health and Safety Tips to Have More Fun at the Mall.

Safety First

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way people live. As governments implemented quarantines and lockdowns, activities in establishments temporarily ground to a halt. Restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, and other crowd-drawing spaces stopped operations.

As months went by, governments, public and private groups have continuously searched for ways to manage the pandemic. Industries have started going back to normal, or what is called the ?new normal? ? and operations have resumed. While things may have paused for a while, life has to go on.

Organizations have slowly eased back to business. Restaurants resumed catering to the public. Shopping malls have once again opened their doors. Along with government guidelines, businesses also made sure to develop their protocols to protect their employees and customers.

Now, you can go back to enjoying your favorite activities in your favorite shopping mall in Doha. The management has implemented strict mall health and safety measures to assure the mall-going crowd of their safety.

Additionally, here are some helpful tips to help protect you and give you a more enjoyable time while malling:

1. Wear a mask

You should always wear personal protective equipment when going out. Doing so can help protect you and others around you from catching airborne microorganisms. Most, if not all, establishments require employees and customers to wear masks and even gloves upon entry.

Make sure you put on your mask with clean hands. It should cover your nose, mouth, and chin.

If you feel rather unwell, stay home. Call a COVID-19 hotline or healthcare provider for advice.

2. Make a list

To cut down on unnecessary exposure, make a list of things you need from the mall. Having a plan before going to the grocery store, for example, will allow you to go straight to the items that you need. It will also help limit your contact with frequently touched surfaces.

3. Visit during off hours

Most establishments now have modified mall hours. Shopping centers have also reduced the number of daily visitors to less than half the original capacity. This move has been taken to ensure that you have more than enough space to walk and maintain the recommended distance.

If you still want to make sure you observe social distancing on top of the mall?s efforts, you can visit the mall on its low peak hours, typically around 9 am to 2 pm.

4. Take the stairs

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends avoiding the 3Cs: crowded, closed, or spaces that may involve close contact with others.

While mall management takes great care in sanitizing elevators and other enclosed spaces, it?s best to take the stairs. Aside from reducing your risk of catching the virus, taking the stairs is also an acceptable form of physical activity.

5. Clean your hands

You should actively ensure that you clean your hands before, during, and after going to the mall. Practicing hand hygiene eliminates germs that you may have on your hands. Wash them with soap and water or sanitize with an alcohol-based hand rub or spray.

Top malls use a mall disinfection treatment to clean all surface areas thoroughly. You can also wipe down frequently touched surfaces such as grocery carts or door handles as an extra protective measure. There are travel-sized alcohol sprays or sanitizing wipes that you can always bring with you.

6. Skip the fitting room

If you?re shopping for clothes, it?s ideal to skip fitting the garments at this time. Check your sizes before you leave home. If you?re buying gifts for other people, spend time to know their size beforehand.

At the mall, limit touching goods so you can also avoid getting germs on your hands.

7. Take precautions upon going home

Erring on the side of caution is ideal, especially during a pandemic. To protect yourself and your loved ones, make sure that you clean your hands after going to the mall. Proactive malls have also placed foot-operated garbage bins so you can dispose of your used masks and gloves in them.

Make the necessary preparations at home as well. You can stash a cleaning or hygiene kit outside your door, in the garage, or any space before you go inside your house. Others put a washbasin where they can wash their face and hands in. A foot bath will also help clean your footwear.

Make sure to take a bath as soon as you get inside your home.

Care for Yourself, Care for Others

You can still have fun going to your favorite mall as long as you take the necessary precautions. Heed all health and safety measures and take the extra mile in protecting yourself and others. When you do, then you will have more fun, productive time at the mall.