Guide to Finding the Best HVAC Service in Falls Church, VA

If you want the best HVAC service, it is important that you conduct proper research. After all, these technicians will be in and around your family’s home on a daily basis and it is crucial for them to be trustworthy.

Begin your search by speaking to family and friends for referrals, then check online reviews such as Yelp or the Better Business Bureau.

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Do your research

Selecting an HVAC company to service your system can be challenging, which is why conducting thorough research is vitally important. Reading online reviews from previous customers as well as asking friends and family for referrals are great resources to use when making this important decision.

Only work with contractors who have been in business for an extended period, as this will ensure they have established themselves within their community and have proper insurance and licensing. It is also advisable to only deal with companies that are insured, bonded, licensed and have passed criminal background checks.

Make sure to gather quotes from several contractors and compare apples-to-apples, while also being sure you understand exactly what is included and any hidden fees.

Ask for referrals

As part of your selection process, when interviewing HVAC companies ask for references. The top companies will gladly give these out and share stories of past jobs completed well within agreed-upon timelines and any relevant warranty details.

Also be sure to verify if the HVAC company owns its equipment outright or rents from a supplier; if it’s rental equipment you could become responsible if payments go unfulfilled by the company.

Check online reviews

When researching HVAC companies, it’s vitally important to read reviews online as these often provide a wider range of experiences than one or two word-of-mouth reviews. Be sure to read reviews on social media and Google business pages of each HVAC company you consider, as these tend to be more authentic reviews than reviews found on a company website. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to read each contractor’s website, as this can give you more of an understanding of their values, mission and customer service; also helping you determine whether they’re truly suitable for your needs.

Be mindful to ask about their manufacturer parts and labor warranties when selecting a provider, particularly since new equipment can be costly. Avoid businesses that demand upfront payment or don’t offer a satisfaction guarantee as these may indicate they’re not worth your time or money.

Check their social media presence

HVAC businesses with social media pages provide an indication of their activity, showing they have taken the time and resources necessary to publish quality content regularly. An effective profile will typically include work samples and testimonials from past customers to create trust among potential clients. If they are fairly responsive to customers online it can indicate a company that cares deeply about their customer service. 

Call for more information

Once you’ve done your research and identified a few top choices, call to set up an appointment. Request to speak to a live representative, create a list of questions for them to answer and take this time as an opportunity to compare how each HVAC contractor handles scheduling and professionalism.

Be sure to take notes (mental or written) upon meeting with each technician – from their arrival time, communication skills, professionalism and job execution – in order to identify which contractor best matches your needs. This will allow you to select one contractor as the ideal one for your job.

Finally, confirm whether they carry adequate insurance. Furthermore, inquire into their contact system in case you need to reach them after hours. An efficient system should notify on-call staff immediately, or have a reasonably quick turnaround.