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The Elux legend 3500 puffs are disposable vapes with a popular choice for various and who want a simple, convenient and best vaping experience without the hassle of dealing with the chargers or re-filling the e-juice. With the 1500 mAh battery and the elux of the disposable vape that comes with the pre-filed with the full of the strength puffs and salt e-liquid. It has various flavours including classical tobacco, mint and fruit blends like strawberry with lemonade, and peach ice. 

In duration of the procedure the Elux Legend 3500 puffs the sleek and consolidated and that are constructing it easy to carry around your bag or with a purse, It has a multicoloured LED light and at the end of the device the lights up with the inhale while giving it to a stylish and with the modern look. Overall the Elux legend 3500 Puffs vapes are an excellent option for the vapours who need hassle-free vaping with an excellent experience with the various flavours. You can choose it from the Wholesale Vape because they provide you with this device at a very reasonable price.      

Quality features of the 3500 disposable vapes

The Elux disposable vapes are sleek and convenient devices that with the perfect option for those who are looking for the use of the vaping option There are some of the features and specifications. 

  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • The puff count is approximately 3,500 puffs 
  • E-liquid with a capacity of 2 ml 
  • Flavours that are available the mango raspberry, strawberry watermelon, mint and more 30 flavours. 
  • Compact and with a portable design
  • No button and easy to use 
  • Slim and with a lightweight construction 
  • Smooth vaping

About the convenient options

The Elux legend 3500 puffs are disposable vapes with an excellent option because they offer a lot of conveniences that are compared to the other devices. Unlike the other vapes with the elux legends that do not require any charging or refilling. They come fully charged and pre-filled with a premium e-juice that offers the best vaping experience. The sleek and unique compact design of the Elux Legend 3500 disposable vapes makes them easy and carry around in your pocket. Additionally, the Elux Legend is available in various delicious flavours so you can select the one that best suits your needs. 

Cost of the elux disposable vape

The price of the Elux Legend disposable vapes can vary depending on the seller and your location, then however the disposable vapes that are generally tend to be less expensive than the traditional vape devices. The price of the fire vapes with the disposable vapes may vary depending on the product and where you purchase them. However, in general, disposable vapes tend to be less expensive than traditional devices. Fire Vapes is known for providing quality disposable vapes at affordable prices and you can the website to find the affordable ones. They also are the best and most affordable elux of the legend of the 3500 price packages so that you can enjoy the vapes easily.

Design and reliability

The Elux Legend disposable vape is a compact and convenient vaping device that is designed for single use, it is made with a high-quality stainless steel body, is sleek and has an ergonomic design. The elux legend is efficient to use and draw activated off the firing mechanism, so don’t have any press buttons to activate it. In terms of design and quality, the elux disposable vapes are known for their durability and reliability.