Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Dentures Or Full Mouth Implants

Have you ever thought about getting full mouth dental implants or dentures? If so, how can you choose between the two? Both offer many benefits and can help improve your oral health.

This guide will discuss the pros and cons implants, as well as dentures. Keep reading to know which dental treatment is right for you.

Full Mouth Implants

Full mouth implants are a standard treatment for replacing multiple missing teeth and improving the overall function of your smile.

This treatment comprises metal screws placed into the bone underneath the gums and metal posts that replace missing teeth.


Dentures are removable appliances that fit over the gums and are held in place by suction.

They often require additional dental work to keep the dentures stable in the mouth, such as relining or gum grafting.

Cost of dentures vs. implants

The cost of implants depends on the type of implant material used, the number required, and their placement.

The cost of dentures may vary. That depends on whether they are partial or complete, how many teeth they replace, and whether they are removable or fixed.

Maintenance of dentures vs. implants

Patients must learn to care for their dentures, including cleaning and flossing them daily.

Dentures can also be uncomfortable if they don’t fit correctly or are made from the wrong material.

Implants often last longer than dentures because they’re anchored into your jawbone rather than held by clasps that attach to your gums.

This prevents them from slipping or moving around while you eat or talk.

Factors To Consider

When you’re ready to decide on your dental future, consider the following factors:


Dentures are a good option if you are relatively young and have healthy gums and jawbones.

Full mouth implants may better suit someone older or with weak or gummy teeth.

Bone density

If your bone density is low, you may have difficulty with the implant procedure. In this case, dentures may be a better option for you. Dentures are less invasive than implants; you can get them in one visit.

Implants require multiple visits and often involve surgery to put them into your jawbone. If you have low bone density, this could be a problem for you.

Function and feel

Dentures are made from a hard plastic material called acrylic that can be adapted to fit over the remaining teeth in your mouth. They’re removable, and you can take them out when cleaning them.

They can also cause discomfort while chewing or speaking because they don’t fit as snugly as natural teeth in their gums.

Full mouth implants are permanent fixtures that you never need to remove.

Full mouth implants fill this gap between the gum line and implant surface with bone grafting material, which makes them fit more comfortably than dentures.


There are two main options when looking for a dental solution that can help with your missing teeth: dentures or full-mouth implants.

Both of these solutions can be effective in helping you to regain your smile, but they each come with their pros and cons.

Thus, the choice between dentures or full mouth implants depends on your situation and preferences.

Your dentist will evaluate your oral health, overall health, and lifestyle before recommending one treatment.