Growth Hormone Deficiency

Everything About Growth Hormone Deficiency In Children And Growth Hormone For Kids

If your child is not growing like others, he or she might have growth hormone deficiency. Overall body growth depends on the growth hormone or somatotropin. When the pituitary organ can’t produce enough hormone, body growth will get interrupted. But not in every case it has to be a deficiency. In this write-up, you will know about growth hormone deficiency in children.

What Is Growth Hormone Deficiency

Somatotropin is the hormone that is responsible for the growth in the human body. When the production is not enough, it will create a condition. The condition is known as growth hormone deficiency. 

The levels of growth hormone increase throughout the childhood years and peak around puberty. It also regulates aspects of metabolism such as insulin actions and the levels of blood sugar. In this it is possible that GH production can be stimulated by the infusion.

When the hormone production halts, it creates many problems for a kid. Apart from the body growth, he or she will gain more body fat. Fat is never good for our health. With excessive fat, other diseases can also take place.

The growing stage is controlled by somatotropin. Be it muscle growth, bone growth and the overall body growth- everything happens because of it. Furthermore small size and GH deficiencies are frequently seen in children who suffer from psychosocial dwarfism. It is a result of extreme emotional deprivation.

Growth hormone levels naturally decrease as we age, and then decline. Genetic mutations in these genes could also result in decreased production and the secretion of various pituitary hormones.


Symptoms of GHD

The symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in children are- 

Short Height

The primary symptom is the short height or stature. When you see that your child’s growth is very little over the first few years of growth, you should consult with a physician and get him or her tested. In most cases, they have GHD. If treated early, it can be resolved easily with growth hormone therapy. 

Slow Puberty 

At puberty, a child grows the most. It is the peak time of the growth hormone. During puberty, if the growth is not upto the mark, the child might have GHD. It is important that you observe the growth of your child at this time.

Fat Increase

When your child gains a lot of weight quickly, there is a good chance that he or she has the condition. Also around the waist area, the fat gaining can be seen mostly. Do not ignore that and you should go to a doctor.

Younger Look

The normal growth affects the look of a child and it can be seen clearly during puberty period. Sometimes when a child looks way younger than other children of his or her age. This is a clear symptom of growth hormone deficiency in children. GHD has anti ageing characteristics, that is why the younger look can be seen.

Slow Teeth Development

Teeth development or growth is another important thing here. From a very early age, it is very essential that you look after it. A slight delay is normal but when the growth is delayed by quite some time, it is better to consult with a professional. This is a symptom of GHD.


Growth Hormone Therapy

The growth hormone for kids therapy is the solution for the deficiency. Growth hormone therapy can be started at any time for those suffering from GHD. If your doctor has prescribed the treatment of growth hormone, you’ll usually require daily doses of the growth hormone. In accordance with the expert Consensus Guidelines, there is evidence that supports the use of the growth hormone therapy for GHD beginning in early childhood.

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of the treatment using growth hormone beginning at a time between the ages of 4 to 6 and even as early as 3 month old. However, there is increasing evidence to show that starting the treatment early will provide the greatest benefits. 

Typically, you’ll be required to visit your doctor every two months throughout your treatment, so that your doctor is able to monitor your health. However, based upon the seriousness of your illness it is possible that you will require injections of growth hormone more often.

The use of growth hormone could affect how your body responds in response to insulin. The doctor will evaluate your progress and run tests for blood to determine if you require more growth hormone for kids.

The doctor will also be monitoring your cholesterol levels as well as blood glucose levels and bone density on a regular basis during your growth hormone injections to be sure that they’re in good shape. Insulin regulates your blood glucose level. Insufficient growth hormone treatment could lead to elevated cholesterol levels and osteoporosis.


Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

The growth hormone can boost the rate at which your child’s height increases. This helps kids get a little taller than they would if they didn’t take growth hormone. Every child responds differently. It is better to get a doctor’s recommendation in growth hormone for kids.

That children who suffer from ghd who were treated with human growth hormone showed more IQ scores, as well as improved overall living and communication skills than children who did not been treated with human growth hormone. 

Children deficient in growth hormone tend to build body fat, particularly around the abdomen. They also develop bones that are more fragile and have abnormally small muscle mass. Your child’s growth will accelerate in your child’s first year in therapy. The growth could be two to three times greater than prior to therapy. You should know this concerning growth hormone for kids.

When your child grows like others, it will make him happy and refreshed. He or she will be out of the sad state and will do the daily life activities normally. It is important for kids to stay active. Growth hormone has positive effects on body mass, by altering the metabolism of fat. It aids in strengthening bones, and can also improve cholesterol levels.


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