Dog Jackets for Active Pups: 10 Options for Outdoor Adventures

Dog jackets are essential garments for various activities. All dogs will benefit from rain and snow protection in winter, but have you considered getting a cooling jacket for summer or a floatation jacket? There are some brilliant jackets for canines out there that are practical, fashionable, and user-friendly. 

This guide is split between different styles and features depending on the canine activities you are considering. We have dog jackets that are great for hiking, some specifically designed for swimming, and a few for those heading out into the snow.

The Best Jackets For Dogs That Hike In Summer

1) Cooling Vest 

Hiking in the summer is fun but challenging work. That’s why a cooling vest is so helpful with its reflective material and UV protection. Just soak it in water, wring it out, slip on the dog, and keep them cooler on longer walks. 

2) Dog Raincoat 

Summer hikes aren’t always guaranteed to be free of rain. That is where a small, foldable raincoat can help. They provide easy rain protection for heavy showers without the heat of insulative layers. This is also highly visible and reflective. 

3) Dog Hoddie

Sometimes, we want an extra layer of fabric to keep the chill off on a summer’s evening, but nothing excessive. A dog hoodie is perfect with a clever collar, a nice fit, and quality material. 

The Best Jackets For Dogs That Swim

1) Float Coat

A float coat is great because it is simple but practical. The thick interior foam provides excellent buoyancy for playing in the lake for hours. The top handle is perfect for lifting dogs out of the water, and it is easily adjusted. 

2) Outward Hound Granby

This one goes a little further with some of the safety features. There are two handles on the dog’s back and an extra floatation pillow under the head. Despite this, it still seems comfortable, and the bright orange helps. 

3) Life Vest 

There’s no reason that dog swimming jackets can’t also be a lot of fun. They have the same great buoyancy and secure fit as the others, with user-friendly buckles and a bright, durable exterior. But there is the bonus of the little shark fin on top. 

The Best Jackets For Dogs That Love The Snow 

1) Dog Winter Coat 

The thick full-body padding and soft polar fleece lining make this first winter dog jacket look incredibly cozy and comfortable. The exterior fabric and cut are water and wind-resistant for great protection. It is also adjustable for a good fit, thanks to the elastic and straps, and has reflective strips to keep an eye on them. 

2) Polyester Dog Coat 

If the fleece lining seems too hard to keep clean, you might prefer this triple-weave polyester option. The layers and effective windproof collar help to chill out, and the coat should cover the whole body. It isn’t pretty, but it works. 

3) Dog Reversible Winter Coat 

This jacket is a lot of fun with its reversible design. It is also more practical than expected, with a thick collar, a pocket on the back, and simple closure. The thick filling should also offer enough insulation in light snow. 

4) Full Body Dog Raincoat 

This final option isn’t for everyone but shows how extreme these jackets can get. This one has full coverage, a transparent hood, and tiny little snow boots. It is a good choice for toy breeds that need greater rain protection but doesn’t have the same insulation as the other two. 

Dog Jackets For All Seasons

Owners must be prepared for every situation when they have an active dog that loves adventures. These thick winter jackets will keep them warm when the snow arrives, but you need something much lighter and cooler for those hot summers. An additional float vest in their wardrobe makes days at the lake a breeze. 

The more options you have, the easier it is to let your dog live their best life with complete peace of mind. So, compare your options carefully, find the right fit, and see what your dog will enjoy wearing.