Does Online Casino Streaming Exist?

For many of us, streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Goodgame, and many others became something natural. We come back home after a long and tiring working day and turn on our favorite streamers to relax. Some even work watching streams instead of listening to music. There are gaming streamers, movie analytics, world news, history streams, and so on. But is there something for casino players? Are there any streamers who could recommend us a proper $10 deposit casino?


When it comes to casino streaming, legality is the main issue. Children often use streaming platforms, and their parents may not always control what they watch. That is why streaming platforms often restrict nudity, gambling, and bloody content.

When it comes to gambling streams, the streaming platforms usually do not allow and do not support cooperation with unlicensed casinos. However, even if you cooperate only with the licensed ones, there still are many underwater rocks you should be aware of.

The Great Twitch Gambling Scandal

ItsSliker is the streamer’s name, and he ended the whole age of uncontrolled gambling streaming on Twitch. There were no problems with the casinos he played at, but with his attitude and behavior. It is not a secret that to try your luck in any casino, you need to deposit some money. ItsSliker was bagging money from the viewers, asking them to donate, pretending that he had nothing to eat, no money to pay for living, etc.

Not many people knew that together with another streaming titan Asmongold ItsSliker created a huge and successful gaming company, so money has never been an issue for him. After many complaints from the viewers and fellow streamers, his channel has finally been banned, and Twitch changed the whole policy about gambling streams, making it much stricter.

YouTube and Obscure Wordings

“YouTube doesn’t allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death. For example, it’s not okay to post videos showing drug abuse, underage drinking, and smoking, or bomb making.”

This is the explanation many gambling streamers got after YouTube closed their channels. You might say they were probably smoking cigars and drinking whiskey during their streams, as in a proper casino, but we doubt it. Most likely, they were drinking their energy drinks and vaping. Vaping is not considered a harmful activity by the world community, so … There are no problems with it.

Anyway, their channels got blocked, and some people suggest that it’s because they were promoting third-party platforms, which is prohibited on YouTube. But in this case, any online casino stream promotes a third-party platform – the online casino where the streamer plays. Nevertheless, not all the channels got blocked. People are still struggling to get a proper explanation from the platform.

Who to Watch?

Here is a list of good online casino streamers worth watching if this is the content you prefer to consume sitting on your favorite sofa after work.


One of the most popular gambling streamers on Twitch, who has no problems with the moral aspects and platform’s rules. His Twitch channel is getting close to a million viewers, which is quite an incredible result for a gambling streamer.

American Casino Guide

A YouTube channel that will not only help you to kill some time but also teach you how to win more. We would say it is more of an education channel sharing game strategies and secrets, so if you plan to try yourself in the field – this channel might be helpful.

Gamblers Unknown

A couple streaming from real casinos! They literally come to the physical venues and record how they play slots on their phones. Their content might be interesting to the slots fans.