Delicious deals and Savory steals with Food Vouchers

Are you a foodie on a budget? Do you love to dine out, but hate to mingle with your monthly savings? Well, have no fear, because here! I will be your go-to source. I am here to serve you some delicious deals and savory steals. 

Let me help you satisfy your cravings without draining your wallet. From cheesy burgers to discounted desserts, I’ve got the inside scoop on all the best food vouchers in town. 

So, buckle up and join me on this tasty adventure. Explore the world of food vouchers and discover the joys of eating well for less! 

So let me reveal a secret to you. It all started when I stumbled upon GyFTR an amazing platform that offers discounts on food vouchers and gift cards. To be precise not only food but also fashion, travel, electronics, and many more brands. It has a league of 200+ brand Vouchers. At first, I was skeptical. Could these vouchers really help me save money while dining out as well as ordering food online? But I decided to give it a shot and oh boy, I am glad I did!

Through GYFTR, I discovered a whole new world of discounts and deals on my favorite restaurants and cafes. From pizza to desserts, I was able to satisfy my cravings without going over budget. And the best part? The process was incredibly easy. All I had to do was select the restaurant I wanted to dine/order food at, choose a voucher or gift card, and get it redeemed while making payment, and voila! Instant savings.

And and and… 

Let me tell you how I made my past hectic week get delicious. 

Monday kicked off with a spicy barbeque feast at a Barbeque Nation in town. I was able to enjoy generous portions of kebabs and grills at a fraction of the regular price with the discounted Barbeque Nation E-Gift Card. I got this gift card at a flat 6% OFF and even earned some E-Pay on shopping Barbeque Nation Gift Card

Tuesday was all about authentic South Indian cuisine. I got Vaango Gift Vouchers at a flat 4% discount. I used my E-Pay and saved some more money while earning some more on shopping Vaango Vouchers from GyfTR. I used this voucher to treat my friends to a Dosa and Idli Sambaar treat. The food was so good that we even ordered some extra dishes to go!

Wednesday was my day to unwind with some comfort food, as to get rid of midweek stress. I got Baskin Robbins Gift Card and KFC Gift Vouchers to enjoy some crispy fried chicken and a happy dessert.

Thursday was the date and I wanted to impress my partner with some good food mood. I brought Cafe Delhi Heights Gift Card & Gift Vouchers to make our date special and memorable. 

Friday was all about indulging my sweet tooth. I used Sweet Bengal Gift Voucher to treat myself to some mouth-watering sweets.

Saturday was a day of culinary exploration. I got some Oh! Calcutta Gift Vouchers to try out the flavorsome Bengali cuisine!

Sunday was a family day and I used Zomato Gift Card to order some mouth-watering pizzas and sides from Domino’s. We enjoyed a cozy family movie night while munching on our delicious meal.

In short, my week was a foodie’s dream come true thanks to GyFTR for amazing Gift vouchers and Gift Cards. With GyFTR, I was able to enjoy a variety of cuisines and dining experiences without worrying about the cost. So, if you’re a foodie on a budget, you must try. 

Pro-Tip: GyFTR has an app on iOS and Android that will give you a more seamless, user-friendly experience. Download the GyFTR app now to never miss an update!

Let the delicious savings begin!