Create Interesting Looks with Natural Hair Clip-in Extensions

Create Interesting Looks with Natural Hair Clip-in Extensions

Hair extensions are an excellent way to make your otherwise thin ponytail look fuller. The market is filled with various extensions to suit everybody’s needs. Even the quality and texture of the products have improved. For instance, you can go for a human hair clip in hair extensions and achieve the most natural look any day. You can do different styles every day after fixing them. 

So if you are looking for an exciting way to change your style, this guide is for you. Check out various hairdo ideas that you can create using clip-in extensions.

Festive Low Bun

If you always envied those beautiful buns but couldn’t due to short stresses, now you can do it. First, place the clip into the lower portion of the hair. Brush gently to detangle them. Then, make a middle parting and backcomb the hair at the top section. It will add more oomph to your party bun look. Now, tie a low ponytail. Depending on the volume of your ponytail, pull it only halfway when you twist the hairband a second or third time. 

Complete the bun by wrapping the hanging end of your ponytail around the band. Don’t forget to apply bobby pins to secure the bun for a longer time. To finish off, you can pull out a few strands and let them flow over your face. It will give you a perfect, classic low bun you always wanted to show off. 

Holiday Look

It is time to use your natural hair clips to create something unique. Extensions can give you a flawless look when planning a beach vacation. This hairstyle is a gorgeous combination of a braided crown, half bun, and wavy hair. 

Put on your human hair clip in hair extensions at the bottom of your head to add the much-needed extra length. Comb properly to remove all knots. Now, create a middle section and make two small braids on the crown of your head. Then, take the half pony portion and lightly backcomb to create fluff. Tie this section of hair into a top knot bun, securing it properly with pins. Add some wavy curls to the remaining loose strands to finish your look.

Dreamy Braid

Transform your thin plaids into long, thick, fluffy braids with clip-ins. Before braiding, carefully stick your hair clip in extensions. Once done, you can easily create any kind of braid, including a fishtail, waterfall, Dutch, French, or a dreamy bridal braid. Your mega-volume braid is ready to grab attention.

Quirky Knits

This hairstyle with a few twists on the above section of hair is ideal for a date night or farewell party. Use natural extensions for the best effect. Then, tie three small ponytails over the crown. Now pass the loose end of the first pony into the middle one, taking it over the third pony. Start the process from the last ponytail, passing it over the middle portion and under the first one. Repeat the same process twice. 

Secure the strands with a bobby pin reaching the other ends. Ultimately, the whole process will give your hair a knitted mat look over the head. 

Use Accessories

The trend for accessories is here to stay. These days the market is brimming with chic and classy styling accessories to amp up ordinary ponytails and buns.

You can add hair wrap around the extra-fluffy clip-on ponytail or get bows to accentuate the look of your half ponytail. To jazz, a sleek ponytail, add stick-on pearls or glitter pins on the sides. 


With natural hair extensions, you will never have a bad hair day! The possibilities are endless because it looks and feels authentic. So grab the extensions that complement your hair texture and play with different styles. The easy-to-use clip-ins are your one-stop solution to get creative with your mane