Reasons For Back Pain

Common Reasons For Back Pain

Back pain is a common occurrence for many people around the globe with the level of pain varying from a dull constant pain to an acute, sharp pain every time you move. Sometimes it can come suddenly, after an injury or lifting heavy items, other times it develops slowly over the course of months or even years as an age-related condition. In other cases medical conditions can also cause pain in your back, as can other factors in your lifestyle such as the bed you sleep on and your sleeping position. Reasons For Back Pain-

Some of the most common causes and contributors to back pain include: 

1.Old Mattress- Reasons For Back Pain

Your mattress contributes more to your overall well being than you realise. Sleep is a major factor when it comes to your health and a good night’s sleep is impossible without a quality mattress. If your mattress is old there might be springs poking out of it that can cause discomfort during the night leading to aches in your back in the long run. 

According to the experts you should replace your mattress every 5 to 10 years to ensure you have a comfortable sleep every night. 

2.Sleeping Position- Reasons For Back Pain

Another factor that can contribute to back pain is the position you sleep in. Stomach sleepers in particular are at risk of developing back aches due to the fact this position doesn’t promote natural spine alignment. Sleeping on your stomach strains your back and neck often causing you to wake up aching. To avoid this you can get a firm orthopaedic mattress that will help alleviate some of the strain on your back. A good brand of orthopaedic mattresses to consider is Sealy mattresses

3.Sitting in an Uncomfortable Position at Your Desk

Slouching at your desk for 7 hours a day is a definite contributor to pain in your back. Sitting in an uncomfortable position all day can not only cause you back pain, but it can also be a factor in spinal misalignments as well as different structural problems. 

4.Not Enough Exercise

Little movement throughout the day and not enough exercise can lead to your muscles becoming weaker which causes more stress to be put on your spine. Even if you don’t hit the gym every day or run marathons, you should try to get at least a couple of hours of exercise during the week to keep healthy. You can also try gentle stretches early in the morning and before bed. 

5.Too Much Exercise

Exercise is definitely great for your spinal health but too much exercise can also result in back pain. Lifting heavy weights at the gym, not warming up properly before a workout or not resting after an intense gym session can all make you prone to injuries. Always make sure you do some warm up stretches before starting your work out and at the end of it. As well as that, don’t chase new personal lifting records every day and don’t try to lift more than you can, that’s how most gym injuries happen!

6.Medical Conditions

Apart from the lifestyle factors, there’s a number of medical conditions that can cause you to suffer from back aches. Some of those can be mobility and spinal issues such as spondylitis (spinal arthritis), osteoporosis, scoliosis and more. Other medical conditions that can cause you to experience pain or aches in the back area include kidney infections, endometriosis, and in rare cases tumours on the spine. 


There are many factors that can contribute to back pain and it’s often not a single straightforward cause but rather a combination of a few. To make sure you don’t develop back pain avoid lifting heavy items and overdoing it at the gym. Also think about the mattress you sleep on and your sleeping position as those can sometimes also be a reason for back pain. 

If you keep experiencing pain in your back for prolonged periods of time, make sure you schedule a visit to the doctor’s as sometimes the reason behind your back aches can be a more serious medical condition.