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Choosing a trucking company: what to look for?

Trucking is a fantastic career with a lot of opportunities. Once you get your commercial driving license (CDL), you can earn a high salary and enjoy competitive benefits while working in the best trucking companies. As you embark on a career in trucking after graduation, the first step is to decide which trucking company to work for. As there are countless options available, the selection process can be daunting.

In this article, you will learn about seven things that will help you decide which company you should work for.

Know yourself

Your primary objective should be to examine yourself before you start researching companies. Finding the right company to work for begins with determining your own requirements and goals.

Ask yourself these questions before beginning your search-

  • How long can you stay away from home?
  • Would you prefer a van, truck, or reefer?
  • What is your preference – driving long distances or staying local?
  • Would you like to visit or work in a certain part of the country?

Answering these questions will help you shortlist your options and increase your chances of finding a company you’ll enjoy working with.

Type of freight

Choosing a trucking company is greatly influenced by knowing what kind of freight you will haul. CDL graduates usually begin driving dry vans, which are easier to drive and offer more job opportunities. Many opt for diving refrigerated trucks (reefer). However, it must be noted that Hazmat (hazardous materials) or other specialized freight often requires previous trucking experience and special licenses.

What will the company offer

The first step to making a final decision is to understand what the company offers alongside salary before making your final decision. Do they aid you in obtaining specialized skills for a profitable career? Do they offer special programs for veterans, women, or more experienced drivers? The best trucking companies provide their drivers with a variety of truck options and training so they can meet their customers’ changing needs.

Benefits and pay

Comparing salary packages when considering different trucking companies is crucial. You will find that nearly all of them will have a similar pay range. Thus, you should also take note of any other benefits provided by trucking companies to their employees. 

Some companies reward their drivers based on performance. It would be helpful if you understood the benefits beforehand. Check for stop-off pay, accessorial pay, deadhead pay, etc. It all adds up over time.

CDL Training Reimbursement

A truck driving school education can be costly, and not all drivers qualify for financing options. Some trucking companies offer reimbursement for CDL training expenses for their drivers. Finding a company that reimburses their educational expenses would be extremely beneficial for new drivers.


A good safety rating can be the difference between an organization winning business and losing it to a competitor. When choosing a company, make sure it has a good safety record and driving history. Considering you’ll be spending so much time driving a truck, it’s essential to find a company that has modern, well-maintained vehicles. 

Some companies use old and worn-out trucks in order to cut costs, but these trucks put their drivers at risk more than anything else. Carrier companies operating safely typically have a steady flow of business and properly maintained equipment. Also, check out if the company is offering insurance as it can be beneficial in case of any mishap.


Pay is not the only thing you expect from a trucking company. Firstly, knowing how the company works is essential. Truckers are a close-knit fraternity and aren’t afraid to write about the good and bad of the industry. 

Trucking forums are a great place to learn more about any operating carrier you may be considering. By looking at the company’s network of terminals, you can discover whether it offers free parking, repairs, and accommodation or if they prohibit cell phones. With a few minutes of research on the web, you can see how a company is perceived in the industry. 

Research these few questions before you decide on a company- Is the company reliable? What is their reputation among drivers and customers? Also, after getting all the information ask yourself if you would like to work for them for a few years or not.


Every trucking company is discussed from multiple perspectives, so listening to both sides and collecting as much information as possible is important. You can also get in touch with their current and former drivers. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose a trucking company so that you won’t face any issues in the future.