Shameless Self Promotion, a Chocolate comic, & Tuesday’s news

Well Fed‘s 2007 Food Blog Award nominations start tomorrow and go until December 5th! They have 14 categories for food blog awards, including Best Food Blog – Theme and Best New Food Blog. Hint hint. A published nomination could do wonders for increasing my site traffic. Increased site traffic may make it worthwhile for me to further invest in ZOMG, Candy! upgrades and the like. Just to throw that out there…

In other news, I’ve been following this great comic strip called F Minus. It’s offbeat, surreal, and clever. I like the strip even more after this comic about chocolate (click on comic for larger version).

That white stuff is bloom, which is what happens when the cocoa butter in chocolate separats and rises to the surface. It’s actually not a sign that the chocolate is old, only that it’s been poorly stored. But the older the chocolate, the more opportunities it has had for being improperly stored, so old chocolate is more likely to have bloomed.

And the news you would’ve seen on Tuesday:

After reading about the Dessert Truck (a street food truck that only serves dessert; yum!), I was intrigued and have added it to my mental list of places to visit next time I’m in New York. Just check out what’s on the menu:

“Chocolate Bread Pudding…Served with creme anglaise. (For those looking for a new taste experience, ask for our bacon creme anglaise)” Looks like the bacon/chocolate phenomenon has spread!