Candy news bonus

Stephen Colbert on how Trick-or-Treating is like panhandling; to him, trick-or-treaters are hobos in training.

Famous chefs/food writers on what they give out on Halloween. I wish I could trick-or-treat at their doors!

How post Halloween sucks for orthodontists.

And a capuchin monkey on a pumpkin. His name is Bond, James Bond.

Meanwhile, I went to Walgreen’s today, and there was virtually NO leftover Halloween candy left. Boo! I bought one bag each of Brach’s caramel and caramel apple candy corn, and I picked up an assortment of Russel Stover pumpkins, but that was all. Nothing was labeled on sale, so I left the Peeps assortment behind. When I got to the checkout line, everything rang up at half price, so I may stop by again tomorrow and buy a few more things that weren’t worth trying at full price but may be at half off.