Cadbury Chomp vs Cadbury Fudge

Cadbury Chomp vs Cadbury Fudge [Reviews]

With the weakness of today’s dollar abroad, it’s nice to know that some overseas candies remain affordable. Cadbury Chomp and Cadbury Fudge may be small, but they’re reliably priced right on the wrapper at 15p (about 30 cents). And, as a bonus, they come with built-in portion control!

Cadbury Chomp vs Cadbury Fudge

First off, Cadbury Chomp:

The Chomp is a small flat log of chocolate covering caramel. If I remember correctly, it’s about the size of a Twix finger, just flatter. For some reason, I expected the insides to be a smooth, liquidy caramel, I think because I got used to sticky caramel being described as toffee in the U.K. The caramel inside the Chomp was quite stiff and thick. It was sticky but doesn’t stick to your teeth.

Cadbury Chomp

I found the caramel to be meh on flavor. The chocolate was pretty meh too, which surprised me. I vastly prefer Cadbury’s dairy milk to Hershey’s as it has a nice creamy dairy finish to it, but the chocolate on the Chomp just didn’t do anything for me. The whole bar reminded me of a U.S. Milky Way – the texture of the Chomp’s caramel approximates that of the mix of nougat and caramel in a Milky Way.

An O for mediocrity, though it’s tiny size and price tag makes it a great impulse purchase.

Cadbury Fudge

As for Cadbury Fudge:

The Cadbury Fudge has a pretty self-explanatory name. It’s chocolate fudge covered in a thin layer of chocolate, also in log form. The chocolate layer was so slight that it was completely overshadowed by the fudge. As for the fudge, it was soft of cocoa flavored but tasted mostly of sugar. I don’t like fudge because I find waaay too sweet, but I was pleasantly surprised that the Cadbury Fudge wasn’t as whomp you over the head sugary as I had expected. It still gets just an O, but it could have been worse.

The conclusion?

Since they are two completely different candy bar, I am going to cop out here and call this one a tie! If you have a preference, let me know in the comments!