Blog Action Day – environmentally friendly candy

Today is Blog Action Day, when blogs around the world post on the same topic to raise awareness. This year, we’re bloggging about the environment. In the candy world, I’ve taken that to mean blogging about organic and fair trade candy.

As you can see from a quick Amazon search, there are hundreds of organic candies, organic chocolates, fair trade candies, and fair trade chocolates.

I haven’t reviewed much organic stuff on this site, mostly because organic candy is pricier than the average Hershey bar, and I’m a college student who is far from being financially secure. But I’ve still managed to hit a few: Larabars and their Jocalat line use only fair trade and organic ingredients, Vosges claims a green mission on their website, and I think the truffles I got at Whole Foods were green in some way, if only because they came from Whole Foods. Sustainable food is HUGE at Yale, and I can promise you that organic desserts, even when mass produced by the dining halls, is sinfully delicious.

I’ve seen Dagoba bars (BUY!) and Yummy Earth Lollipops (BUY!) at the campus convenience store. I wanted to buy some and try them in time to review for my Blog Action Day post, but I’ve had a nasty cold for the past week, so I haven’t been tasting new things because my sense of taste is compromised. I’m nearly fully recovered though, and I’ll hopefully be able to have those reviews up within the next couple of weeks.

While my site’s sustainable candy section is regrettably sparse, Cybele’s got a whole category on her site for organic candy reviews and tips on how to go green for Halloween.

Finally, Divine Chocolate, a farmer-owned fair trade company, is currently running a recipe contest that runs through December 15. Go check them out, and if you win, you should share your chocolate winnings with me. Think of it as a finder’s fee!

I hope you learned something from today’s post! I know I did in putting it together.