Blog Action Day – Climate Change

Today is the third annual Blog Action Day, when blogs around the world write about the same subject to generate awareness. I’ve participated in the past (on the topics of poverty and the environment). This year, the topic is climate change – not the easiest to tie in with candy.

I did manage to find a few things, though!

  • First, the most timely – check out Green Halloween on tips for greening (i.e. making more environmentally friendly) your Halloween festivities
  • Climate Change Cocoa – cocoa is being used as a centerpiece for climate change advocacy. In England, churches are being asked to serve dry cocoa after service. The cocoa recipe calls for adding water, something that’s currently not a high priority in climate change talks. The goal of the program – tagline “Just Add Water” is to spur parishioners to send cards to their members of Parliament asking them to remember water issues when they head to the next big climate change summit in Copenhagen.
  • Climate Change Chocolate Bars – you can buy Climate Change Chocolate Bars (available at Whole Foods) that each come with/represent a 133 pound carbon offset from TerraPass
  • Climate change could screw up cocoa bean production, according to this paper: pdf, html
  • Finally, a link my Taza Chocolate Factory tour – they’re a bean-to-bar chocolate maker that goes the extra mile (via bicycle) to treat the environment well

So there’s some food for thought. If you’d like more to think about, you can click on the above badge to see what other blogs have to say.