Sparking Passion in People's Lives Through His Music Since 1964 

Billy Joel: Sparking Passion in People’s Lives Through His Music Since 1964?

Billy Joel is one of the most respected musicians in the history of music. Those who most influenced his career were Ray Charles, the Beatles, Dave Brubeck, Sam Cooke, the Rolling Stones, and Otis Redding. When he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, he decided to become a music professional.?

Back in 1964, when Billy Joel was 14-15 years old, in a Holy Family Church in Hicksville, he was asked to be part of a rock band, and this is when he experienced his first live concert, and when a girl named Virginia who he had a crush on, finally gave him that sweet smile – that’s when he knew that he wanted to create his own music, and spark passion in people’s lives through it.?

Music is a way of feeling life. It links each melody to a feeling, state of mind, experience, and people. Dancing, singing and feeling free during a few hours of live music always gives an emotional fulfillment, especially if you listen to your favorite artists ? that feeling can’t be compared. And, when you are feeling down, one of the best solutions to vent is to attend a concert.?

Why Should You Go and See Billy Joel’s Live Performances at Least Once in Your Life?

If you are reading this, you are probably among Billy Joel’s fans or if you still are not, getting tickets for some of his upcoming concerts might convert you into one of his biggest fans ever. Billy Joel loves rock and roll. However, one of the great attractions of his concerts is the incredible variety of styles that emerge through it – blues, ballads, rock and roll, honky-tonk, and people adore that. He might start singing about love but then take you on a musical trip to a post-war situation and give you a history lesson. Billy Joel Atlanta upcoming concert tickets and many more around the States are available. You can’t miss that opportunity to be part of such extraordinary cultural entertainment, because there is no wrong time for a Billy Joel concert!?

Fun Facts About His Song ‘Piano Man’ That Will Make You Want to Get Yourself Billy Joel Concert Tickets?

  • Since releasing his first smash hit, ‘Piano Man’ in 1973, Billy Joel has become the sixth best-selling singer in the United States, selling more than 100 million records. “Piano man” tells the story of Billy Joel’s nights spent sitting on the piano in a bar.?
  • The song ‘Piano Man’ reflects a bit of that “dark moment” that we all meet at some point in life. Those moments in which we find ourselves in a situation that we don’t like at all, almost in a dead-end, in which we only have to sit, wait and enjoy the music.?
  • After signing a bad record deal and his first album not working as he expected, in 1972, Billy Joel was forced to work as a pianist in a bar in Los Angeles. There he met many people who inspired him to compose the song. Who was the first person to inspire him? The waitress named Elizabeth Weber, who ended up becoming his first wife he married in 1973.?
  • The song says: “Paul is a real estate novelist”, and the truth is that that character also really existed and went to the bar where Joel played. That man was dedicating his days to work as a real estate agent, but his true dream was to write. Billy Joel assumed that he never finished his book as he was always busy working in the bar, and in case he did, we will probably never know about it.?
  • In those years, Joel could not play under the stage name that he is known by today, but under Bill Martin’s, which explains why he refers to himself in the song as “Bill” and Martin is his middle name.

Billy Joel is one of the few rock and pop artists to achieve “Top Ten” hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and for many years his live performances always bring different kinds of emotions and feelings that are worth it. As a singer and a songwriter, he always makes people sing along and feel the lyrics.