Best hospitals for Davinci prostate surgery wordwide

A few decades ago, the primary surgical tools were the surgeon’s hands and a scalpel, and operating with “smart” robots seemed like a fantasy movie scene. Today, the DaVinci is one of the most famous robotic systems that allows for performing complex operations, including prostate cancer surgery, with maximum accuracy and safety. 

The AiroMedical team analyzed the most famous hospitals in Europe and the US among medical tourists and ranked the best for robotic prostate surgery. They are distinguished by the most modern equipment, experienced surgeons, and high-quality service. Below you can read more about these hospitals.

Criteria for selecting the best hospitals for DaVinci prostate surgery

Robotic prostate surgery has many advantages for the patient, such as reducing postoperative pain and bleeding and the risk of infection. In addition, it shortens the hospital stay. As a result, the patient recovers faster and, therefore, can return to daily activities more quickly. Unfortunately, such equipment is only found in some hospitals. 

When choosing a clinic for DaVinci prostate surgery, we recommend focusing on the following:

  • Surgeons qualification. When choosing a doctor, focus on his experience conducting DaVinci prostatectomies and reviews from other doctors and patients. Prostate Center Europe recognizes qualified specialists, only doctors who have completed at least 500 operations using the DaVinci system. Therefore, paying attention to the number of successful operations he carried out during his medical practice is necessary. 
  • Clinic statistics. When selecting a hospital, consider the data on the accuracy of preoperative diagnosis, the effectiveness of DaVinci prostatectomy, the number of men who retained an erection, and regular urination function after prostate removal.
  • Availability of DaVinci’s latest models. Only some clinics can afford expensive equipment; besides, it is necessary to consider the fragility of microsurgical instruments and the high cost of consumables.
  • The JCI quality standard guarantees safety and a high level of medical care. The International Joint Commission’s (JCI) quality mark guarantees medical tourists’ trust. On the AiroMedical website, you will find a list of hospitals that have received prestigious certificates and are recommended for DaVinci surgery.
  • Patient reviews. When selecting a medical center, consider the reviews of patients who underwent prostate surgery in a particular hospital.

Top hospitals for DaVinci prostate surgery in the United States 

Emory University Hospital Atlanta

Baylor University Medical Center Dallas

Keck Hospital of Southern California University

Benefits of medical treatment in the US

The creators of DaVinci were NASA scientists whose goal was to create a technology for providing medical care to astronauts in orbit by doctors on Earth. Today, with the help of an electronic system, the surgeon controls the “hands” working from the control console.

Benefits of treatment in the US:

  • Preservation of potency and controlled urination with a more than 90% probability.
  • Modernization of work and improvement of the accuracy of operations.  
  • Clear 3D pictures of the operating field using high-resolution cameras. 

Top hospitals for DaVinci prostate surgery in Europe

Academic Hospital Martha-Maria Nuremberg, Germany

St. Zdislavy Hospital Velke Mezirici, Czechia

Helios Hospital Berlin, Germany

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe

Why choose hospitals in Europe:

  • Specialists performing DaVinci prostate surgery are experts in their fields.
  • Gentle operation with the highest precision and accuracy.
  • Postoperative complications at the level of 0.7% per 1000 operations.

Top hospitals for DaVinci prostate surgery in Poland

Medicover Hospital Warsaw

Prostate Cancer Treatment Center warsaw

University Hospital Krakow

Benefits of medical treatment in Poland

Advantages of DaVinci prostate surgery in hospitals in Poland:

  • New robotic models — DaVinci XI. It has advanced suspended tool manipulators and a more compact and convenient endoscope, which provides the most precise 3D-HD image. 
  • Surgeons and oncologists are trained in the world’s best hospitals in the US and Europe.
  • Low price (compared to other clinics abroad).

Top hospitals for DaVinci prostate surgery in Spain

Medical Center Teknon Barcelona

University Hospital de Navarra Pamplona

University Hospital HM Sanchinarro Madrid

Benefits of medical treatment in Spain

Features of treatment in Spain:

  • The DaVinci robot models are equipped with a training simulator designed for the virtual simulation of individual elements of the operation. It allows the surgeon to acquire and further improve his skills and abilities.
  • Over 76 systems are in service with doctors, most of them of the 4th generation.
  • Over 50 thousand operations minimally invasive due to the improvement of equipment and software updates.

Top hospitals for DaVinci prostate surgery in Germany

Urological Clinic Munich-Planegg

Marien Hospital Marl

Helios Hospital Krefeld

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

Hospitals in Germany were among the first to use the DaVinci robot for prostate surgery. Its advantages:

  • Simplification of the procedure and reduction of the likelihood of complications.
  • The latest Da Vinci Xi model with a 20-fold increase in the working field on the monitor.
  • European leadership in the number and quality of robotic operations.

Best doctors for DaVinci prostate surgery worldwide

No matter what miracle of technology the robot assistant is, the operation’s success directly depends on the surgeon’s knowledge and experience. Among the best doctors:

Dr. med. Hans Jorg Sommerfeld

Dr. Pawel Salwa, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Kriegmair

Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek

Prof. Dr. med. Manfred Beer

Other treatment solutions for treating prostate cancer

Among the most effective methods of prostate cancer treatment:

  • High-Focused Intensity Ultrasound (HIFU). Cancer destruction by a powerful beam of waves that heat tissues to very high temperatures.
  • Brachytherapy. Implantation of small titanium radioactive granules into the prostate tumor for local irradiation. 
  • Radiosurgery with Cyber and Gamma Knives without scalpel and blood. The therapeutic effect is achieved by targeting cancer with a dose of radioactive radiation without harm to healthy tissues.
  • Lutetium-177-PSMA therapy. A radioactive drug successfully used in treating metastatic cancer forms. During decay, it emits beta particles with a small impact radius. Therefore, healthy cells are not affected.
  • Immunotherapy. The introduction of immunomodulators and vaccines activates lymphocytes that can kill cancer.

How to get treatment in the best hospitals for DaVinci prostate surgery

To undergo DaVinci prostate surgery, use the AiroMedical services. Our international online consulting platform was created to help patients seeking solutions for prostate cancer. 

DaVinci’s robotic system has brought the surgical direction to a new level. Such operations have low risks of complications, particularly bleeding, infection, and damage to healthy organs. After robotic interventions, patients recover two times faster. Depending on the country, the efficiency of robotic surgery can reach up to 94%-100%. Finally, and most importantly, the disease goes away immediately. 

At AiroMedical, you can study information about the world’s leading hospitals for DaVinci prostate surgery in Europe and the US and book a medical program. We know all about the discoveries of world oncology. Contact us and use our knowledge.


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