Best cocktail recipes for summer

The days are longer, the evenings are getting warmer: as the temperatures soar, we are longing for delicious drinks. On a hot day, you only survive with a cold drink to cool down and relax. In this article we report which recipes you need to try in summer. Among them are some classics and variations to spice them up. So grab your friends, a glass and let’s go!


Table of Contents

The Vesper

This delicious drink is composed of tasty ingredients: gin, vodka and Kina Lillet. It tastes slightly bitter and is a variant of the Martini. The cocktail is probably known by name to only few people. In fact, James Bond who is actually always known for stirred martini drinks the Vesper in the movie Casino Royale. In fact, author Ian Fleming invented the cocktail for his character in the novel. If you also want to feel like James Bond, you can pour yourself a delicious cocktail and try out online casinos from the comfort of your home. These allow you to lie on the couch and have a drink while you enjoy the authentic atmosphere. However, many people worry about their money when it comes to online providers. Comparison portals can comfort them. They provide an overview of the best online casinos and show the ones that have the best playing conditions and worthwhile bonus offers, as well as a reputable license. This allows even casino newbies to find a suitable provider quickly, easily and free of charge. 



A classic that should not be missing among the summer cocktails is the Cosmopolitan. The cocktail should be familiar to the viewers of Sex and the City. In a way, the drink can be considered as the fifth main character in the popular series because protagonist Carry Bradshaw orders it regularly. The cocktail can be found throughout all seasons of the series. The classic recipe contains triple sec, lime, cranberry juice, crushed ice and a cocktail cherry as decoration. If the classic mix is too boring for you, you can also try some variations, such as the Dark Cosmopolitan. For this one, vodka, black currant juice, triple sec and squeezed lime juice are added. The Dark Cosmo can be identified by its darker color. Another appetizing variant is the White Cosmo. This version contains citrus vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and white cranberry juice. 



Tequila, lime juice, salt and grapefruit soda go into this fruity summer cocktail. The Paloma tastes deliciously with fresh grapefruit lemonade and lime juice. You can also decorate the glass with a rim of flaky salt. To do this, place the salt on a small plate, brush the rim with the juice of a lime wedge and then dip the glass into the salt. In this case, you need to omit the large pinch of salt that normally belongs into the cocktail. Again, there are a few variations to try: The Premier Paloma with tequila, grapefruit, lime juice and agave syrup or the Mezcal Paloma. The latter one is made with mezcal, lime juice, grapefruit juice, club soda and salt. 



The mojito belongs to the long drinks and should be enjoyed slowly. It consists of white rum, lime juice, mint, cane sugar and soda water. The mojito has several variants as well. One interesting variation is the Honeydew Mojito. It has the usual ingredients, but the juice of a honeydew melon is added. This makes the drink not only taste fruity, but also gives it a nice green tinge. The Raspberry Mojito is also particularly delicious. This one is polished up with pureed fruit. In addition to the puree, frozen berries can also be used. Then the cocktail looks even fruitier and at the same time the berries act as stylish ice cubes without watering down the drink. The Red Mojito is also a delicious choice. In addition to the traditional ingredients, strawberry syrup and berries are used as decoration. 

If these recipes are not enough or if you would like to try something else, like a Mexican Mule cocktail, you can find more delicacies on our website.