When Naming Your Blog

Avoid These Things When Naming Your Blog

Tips on What to Avoid and What To Do When Naming Your Blog

Coming up with a name for your blog (business or brand) can lead you down a creative rabbit hole, hitting various walls of uncertainty, confusing choices, and many questions – What name is best to use? What sounds catchy enough? Does it relate to what you are trying to sell or convey to your clients? Is the name already taken? Can you think of any other questions??

A good name for a blog engages with the client upon first impact, and it needs to ?speak? to the client. Let?s take a look at some tactics to avoid when naming your blog, and what you can do instead to reach the right audience. You Need to Know about Erotic Lactation.

Avoidance Tactics and Go-tos

1. Avoid Names That Are Too Long?

Using lengthy names, in other words, names that are too long will deter your audience and they will move on quickly to the next website.?


Use short names that are easy to see upon arrival on the webpage – a name that quickly conveys the essence of the blog will draw in your audience.?

2. Avoid Complicated?

Using complicated names; names that are ?trying too hard? to make a statement that it confuses your audience rather than engages them.?


Use easy to understand words that will immediately tell the audience what the? blog is about. This will act as a hook and they will be more receptive to what you have to offer.?

3. Avoid Boring?

Using dull or monotonous names that will be too neutral, as well as lack it?s own characteristics so-to-say.?


Use a name that has its own ?personality?, in other words, a name that is catchy and creatively inspired.

4. Avoid Forgetfulness

Using names that are easy to forget will get lost in the multitudes of other businesses online.?


Ensure that you use a memorable name, which can be a clever play on words and bordering on entertaining. A name that is a bite-sized nugget of what your blog is about will be easy to digest for your client.?

???5. Avoid Disconnection

Using names that are unrelated to what your business purpose is – if you create coherency with your name and business services this will show for whoever finds you online.?


Put yourself in your clients? shoes, what would they want? What outcome are they looking for when they search online?? How can your name provide your clients with the promises of desired outcomes? This will create a connection between your blog name (your business) and your clients.

Your business name is a signpost that directs potential clients to your online ?home?, in other words, your website. If you find a name that is welcoming and engaging it will ensure that you make clients feel they have arrived somewhere where they can be understood and receive what they are looking for.?

If you follow the above-mentioned avoidance tactics and apply the go-to ideas you can start to make small changes to your online presence immediately that will ensure clients stay and visit your webpage and hopefully connect with you over a longer period of time.?

Lastly, but not least, what is important When Naming Your Blog is?the overall essence of what you are about; your blog name carries this responsibility as the face of your online business.