Buying a Carpet Cleaner

8 Features To Check When Buying a Carpet Cleaner

For the best carpet cleaner products in Australia to work wonders, you need the right machine to which these chemicals can be added. A carpet cleaner, unlike vacuum cleaners, helps you deep clean your client?s carpet as per their requirements. Therefore, these machines need to be chosen with serious thought about different aspects like the power source and noise levels. On that note, let?s look at 8 features to look at when choosing or buying a carpet cleaning services in vancouver.

  1. Power source

The power of the machine and its power source are two things you need to check when getting a carpet cleaner. Your cleaner must be strong enough to cut through the toughest of stains without overheating and tripping often. It should ideally have a strong suction power, as well. The power source of the machine can either be batteries or an outlet; which of these you choose depends on your preferences.?

  1. Ease of use

The next thing to check is the ease of use of the cleaner. Your cleaner must be compact enough to fit into compact spaces. Moreover, you should be able to maneuver it without encountering many difficulties. Finally, choosing the right power source will also decide how easily you can use the cleaner.

  1. Price

What?s your budget? You cannot go shopping for a carpet cleaner without thinking about the price of the machine. While affordability matters, you cannot expect to get all the parts for a cheap price. Therefore, it is always better to carefully plan out your budget for your purchase before you set out to a shop.

  1. Noise

Noise levels are a concern when buying any machine. Since you will be cleaning in residences and office spaces, you need to ensure that the cleaner does not make too much noise when working. While carpet cleaners won?t be completely silent, you also shouldn?t invest in ones that are too noisy.?

  1. Storage

How much can your cleaner store? Storage space should be another concern when you set out to buy a carpet cleaning machine. The bigger the storage, the longer you can keep doing your work instead of refilling. A key feature to note here is having two separate tanks for water and cleaning agents, which can significantly fasten your cleaning process.

  1. Body material

Yet another feature of carpet cleaners that you must keep in mind is the body material. Choose a material that is strong and can sustain regular use. This is important as it decides how long your machine will last in the lost run.?

  1. Attachments

You should also look at the attachments offered with the machine. The more attachments you get with the cleaner, the more efficient your cleaning will be. Some add-ons will also help you reach tough spots on the carpet. Look especially for add-ons like rotating brushes and heaters, as these are helpful when cleaning a carpet.?

  1. Functions

What are the different functions offered by the carpet cleaner? This is another question to consider when buying a cleaning machine. Ideally, a cleaner must wash, scrub, rinse, drain, and dry the carpet. These functions make your cleaning work faster and more efficient as you will not need different machines for different functions.?


Buying a right carpet cleaner decides how well your cleaning work goes and how much your client will like your work. Therefore, it is necessary to look at features like noise generation, storage options, attachments, functions, and much more when choosing a carpet cleaner. With the right machine, you?re all set to impress your clients.?