6 Ways to go Greener at Home

6 Ways to go Greener at Home and make it eco-friendly

Have you ever wondered how you can personally help the planet? Have you been thinking about upgrading your life to be more eco-friendly, but don?t know where to start? Well, the answer might just be in your own home. Here are 6 ways to go greener at home and eco friendly.?

With these six tips, you can reduce your carbon footprint, take your home to the next level, and even save yourself money in the process!?

6 Ways to go Greener at Home

#1 Install Solar Panels

solar panel cleaning are a classic and reliable example of saving the earth while saving money. These roof panels channel energy from the sun directly into your home?s grid, saving you money on your electric bill while also preventing the unnecessary emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the environment.?

#2 Get Eco-friendly Windows

It may come as a surprise to many people, but a lot of heat, and therefore energy, escape your home through the windows!?

Consider switching to windows and frames made of materials that transfer heat less easily, like double- or triple-glazed windowpanes or wood frames. This ensures that your precious heat doesn?t escape in the wintertime and that the sun isn?t raising the temperature of your whole house in the summertime. Fewer emissions and less hassle.

For a less costly shortcut, consider getting eco-friendly blinds that block the rays from coming and going. These insulate your home while also giving you the flexibility to open and close them at your leisure.

#3 See If You?re Eligible for PACE Financing?

PACE financing (property assessed clean energy financing) is a series of payments from your local government that make it possible for you to make your home more energy-efficient. It?s dictated by your state legislation and includes upgrades like installing solar panels, storm protection, insulation, and more.

Contrary to popular belief, these payments are not loans. Instead, you receive an upfront payment that you repay over time by paying property taxes. Your eligibility varies based on the state you live in, your home?s equity, your credit score, and your mortgage payment history.

PACE Financing

#4 Avoid Incandescent Light Bulbs

Ever touch a bare incandescent bulb by accident and wonder why it feels like the surface of the sun? Well, as it turns out, incandescent light bulbs are extremely energy inefficient and hog heat and energy.?

Switching to eco-friendly alternatives like fluorescent and LED bulbs is one of the easiest ways to go green at home. The best part is these bulbs are widely available at any home goods store.

#5 Check On Your Big Appliances

Our everyday lives are filled with large appliances that use up a significant amount of energy:

  • Dishwashers ? The next time you do the dishes, check to see whether you?re filling up the entire appliance before pressing ?start.? If not, some dishwashers have a setting to only wash the top rack. Pro tip: some also have a ?delay? setting so that you can avoid peak energy-consumption hours!
  • Washing machines ? The same principle applies here. Try to avoid running your washing machine for just a couple of dirty shirts. If you do, make sure to use the ?small load? setting to save water and energy. Pro tip: there are tons of eco-friendly alternatives to detergent to clean your clothes with.
  • Dryers ? If your dryer has a low-heat setting, use it! Even better, hang dry your clothes when you can. Additionally, while dryer sheets make your clothes soft and smell good, eco-friendly dryer balls do the same thing while lasting a much longer time!?
  • Sprinklers ? Going eco-friendly doesn?t mean sacrificing an immaculate lawn. Eco-friendly sprinklers are starting to saturate the market, as well as sprinklers that are programmable to water your lawn at certain energy-efficient times of day.

#6 Be Smart About Your Heating

It?s easy to crank up the thermostat in the wintertime and leave it running. However, it?s best to be able to monitor and adjust your energy consumption using a smart meter. A smart meter will track your habits and tell you important information about how to use your systems more efficiently. You can also program them to automatically turn the heating on and off at non-peak times.

Transform Your Home Into An Eco-Friendly Haven

As the future approaches, it?s important as a homeowner to take responsibility for how your consumption affects the natural world we live in.

With these 6 Ways to go Greener at Home, you?re sure to have the proper groundwork for turning your home into a greener, eco-friendlier place to live.