virtual learning pod

6 reasons you should enroll your child into a virtual learning pod

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is trying to navigate life and cope with unforeseen challenges. The way of thinking has changed, and things are different than before. With schools and colleges being shut, parents are trying hard to supplement their children?s education this year. Finding a good tutor at an affordable cost during the pandemic is very difficult. Some parents are homeschooling their children while others have opted for virtual learning pod.?

In online learning pods or pandemic pods as they are also called, a small group of students takes online classes from a tutor. It is a virtual classroom setup where a tutor teaches the subjects through the digital medium. Studying in such small groups has a lot of benefits for students in the current scenario. Some of these benefits are:

Virtual Learning Pod is Safe and secure

Coronavirus is a communicable disease, thus it is important to maintain social distancing. Virtual learning pods help in preventing the spread of the virus. Thus, sending students to schools and universities amidst the pandemic isn?t logical. The learning pods are a safe way where tutors connect virtually with students and teach them subjects. Neither students nor teachers are exposed to the virus as the online classes are taken from the comfort of home. The learning process continues in a safe and secure environment.??

Structured learning

Homeschooling or self-paced learning isn?t an easy task. Parents themselves have to teach and track their child?s progress. In current times, when everyone is working from home, it is even more difficult for parents to manage their child?s education. Getting them enrolled in virtual learning pods brings a structure in their learning process. The tutor handles the classes and assessments. The parents are given timely updates about their child?s progress. They no more have to worry about their child being left behind from other children as far as education is concerned.?

Enriched learning

Online classes aren?t just about distance learning, but also provide an enriched experience. The online classes are shorter in duration and have detailed content. The assessment report is generated instantly, so your child is aware of his/her weak areas. Moreover, your child can also opt for an extra one-on-one session to clear doubts and queries, especially for difficult subjects such as Chemistry that may require a private chemistry tuition. In short, the course content is comprehensive, and the tutor takes the effort to customize it as per individual needs.?

Virtual Learning Pod Improves accessibility

The virtual classes can be taken from anywhere in the world. You just need a smart device with an internet connection. This gives you the freedom to choose classes from tutors across the world. Thus, you can pick courses offered by some of the best universities at reasonable prices. Moreover, you don?t have to connect with the tutor to clear doubts. You can always reach out to other fellow classmates to discuss the tough concepts.


The infrastructure needed for setting up a virtual classroom is minimal. There is no need for a physical classroom or whiteboards. The classes can be taken from home, thus the commute time is also eliminated. By using a lot of free apps and websites, high-quality content can be created for teaching. All these factors reduce the investment that goes into setting up an online learning class. This reduction in cost is passed on to the students as well. The online courses become more affordable and the students also save commute time and money. The teaching cost further gets split among the students in the virtual learning pods. Thus, it?s very economical to enroll your child in online classes.???

Social skills

Some kids struggle with social skills. Virtual learning pods provide built-in practice for such kids to improve social skills. The pods are a safe place to study and form friendships. Make sure that your child gets to know the other kids before the commencement of the classes. Working in collaboration with classmates will keep your child motivated and they will learn teamwork as well. Set some ground rules so that your child makes the most out of the online sessions.?

Being a parent you would be trying your best to get your child a good education. The learning losses that have happened due to COVID could potentially be catastrophic for your child?s future. Virtual learning pods could be the only hope to continue your child?s learning process in the current pandemic.