6 Reasons to Choose a Down Doona and 7 Tips to find one of your Dreams!

Winter is arguably the best season of the year. This is when you can snuggle on the couch with a comfy doona and enjoy steaming coffee. 

But if you’re confused about which doona to use, here are a few reasons to check down doonas today!

Down doonas: What are they?

You might have heard quite a lot about down doonas, but before we proceed further, let’s understand what they are. 

Well, the down of a goose or a duck is the portion right underneath its outer feather-filled exterior. This is the texture that’s just perfect to make a duvet or doona with. 

Compared to the outer feathers, the down is much softer and doesn’t contain sharp quills. Moreover, the down of most birds is shaped in a soft cluster that is not symmetrically aligned to each other, giving you the ultimate feel of lightness. 

Down pillows, bedding, and duvets are filled with soft clusters of bird downs and made malleable for the owner’s comfort.

Bedding and other comfort materials made of down have become immensely popular today, and it isn’t difficult to see why. 

The down feather market was valued at a whopping 5.9 billion USD in 2017. By the end of 2025, it’s expected to be about 10.25 billion USD! 

Now, let’s look at why down doonas have become so popular!

  1. It gives you a luxurious feel

No matter what kind of doona you wish to buy, you will always want to place the look and the feel first. And that is exactly what down-based doonas will offer you. 

Down doonas don’t just look like they’re made of clouds and feathers; they’ll give you that feeling too! 

You’ll feel surprisingly snuggly whenever you wrap a good down doona on yourself. And since they are lightweight, you also won’t feel suffocated by the weight over you. Despite their heavy filling, they assure you of a heavenly experience!

  1. It resists clumping

Another major advantage of a down doona is that it resists clumping, which means you can fold or bend it in any shape you want. For example, the best doona Australia can naturally flex into any shape. 

So, while folding it, you can neatly and confidently store it however you want, whether inside a drawer or at the side of the bed. 

Even if the doona has been folded inside a cramped space for a long time, it will return to life right after you give it a good pat!

  1. It is breathable

Perhaps the most important aspect of any doona is its breathability. During winter, you won’t feel comfortable if you have to wrap around a heavyweight doona that makes you unable to move around or even breathe. 

But thankfully, with the rise of down doonas, you can wave goodbye to unbreathable fabrics! 

Since the main purpose of a bird’s down is to regulate heat and insulate their bodies, the doona also acts as an insulation for you. Therefore, you can feel warm and snuggly even during fierce winters.

  1. It keeps moisture at bay

There’s nothing more annoying than feeling uncomfortable and wet when you wrap a doona around yourself in the cold. 

But down is a natural wick that takes away excess moisture from your body and ensures that it gets evaporated in the air. As a result, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without having to worry about humidity. 

And if the down doona has a layer of cotton or silk over it, you can be sure you’ll get plenty of restful sleep every night.

  1. It requires little care

Everyone wants to relax at home and feel cuddly in winter. While most other doonas force you to wash or dry clean them regularly, down doonas are different.

You won’t have to spend much money or time cleaning them. In fact, down doonas can last much longer if you wash them once or twice a year! 

This is because they retain very little dirt and grime. Even if you have a dust allergy, you can simply clean it a little and reuse it year after year!

  1. It is affordable

Of course, affordability must also be a big factor in your doona shopping. While it’s true that doonas and quilts made of other materials cost much less than down ones, you won’t get the same level of comfort or satisfaction using them. 

You might have to shell out some extra money while paying for a down doona. But it will save you a lot in the long run, especially regarding maintenance costs. Also, you’ll get the perfect look and feel at affordable rates!

Tips for choosing the perfect down doona

Now that you know the various reasons for buying a comfortable down doona, it’s time to see some important tips and tricks. Otherwise, you might spend much money on a low-quality down-doona knockoff!

  1. Down fill power

As you might have guessed, the down-fill power is the amount of down stuffed inside the doona. 

Down clusters are soft, light, and warmer than other kinds of bird feathers, so this is important to keep in mind. The exact calculations will depend on how much volume is taken up by an ounce of down. 

However, it’s important to remember that only down possesses fill power, not feathers, so make sure you ask for a doona with the right fill power. Generally, top-quality doonas will contain 850 fill power.


  1. Doona construction

You must also understand the way the entire doona has been stitched. Opt for a constructed doona, keeping the filling spread out evenly. 

If you purchase a poorly constructed down donna, you’ll have trouble sleeping because one area will be filled with clusters while the other will feel hollow. 

Most good-quality doonas have small pockets stitched inside that allow equal amounts of down feathers to stay in their place. Lighter doonas are commonly made of box-stitch construction.

  1. Longevity and quality

Even though down doonas are mostly made of high-quality bird doonas, there are variations among different companies. 

For example, one kind of bird down might be more resilient to moisture, while another can offer you great quality in regular use. 

But as a general rule, most down doonas will last long, provided you know how to care for them. 

Choose a doona preferably made of duck down since goose-down doonas can become deflated with time. Also, the latter can poke through the outer fabric after a few years of use.

  1. Doona sizes

Different regions worldwide have different measurements for their doonas, but all follow a generic pattern. 

For example, a single doona cover size in Australia is about 140 cm × 210 cm. A King-size doona measures 245 cm × 210 cm, and a Queen-sized one is approximately 210 cm × 210 cm. 

If you want the doona to fit loosely on your body during the night, then you can opt for a size larger than what conventional quilts measure. 

On the other hand, if you plan to use your doona only to wrap yourself during the daytime, you can choose a single quilt cover size.

  1. Allergy specifications

Even if you do buy the warmest and prettiest doona, you might still end up stacking it away simply due to allergy reasons. 

Unfortunately, many people might be allergic to bird feathers or dust. If you’re not allergic to bird down but have a problem with dust, make sure to purchase a hypoallergenic doona. 

Moreover, look out for the NOMITE mark that ensures your doona will be safe from dust mites. 

If the doona’s casting weave is looser, it might cause allergy issues, so buy one with a firm weave and moisture-resistant.

  1. Ecological impact

While it’s important that a good doona should be friendly to your body, it’s equally important to make sure that it’s also friendly to the environment. 

Since down doonas are made from bird’s downs, you must be mindful when choosing the brand. Always support brands that are strictly against animal cruelty. 

It won’t be possible for you to know the ethical conditions behind obtaining bird down. But even then, see to it that you go for RDS-certified companies. 

And when it comes to sustainability, choose a doona that lasts longer so you don’t have to keep replacing it.

  1. Aftercare of the product

Before you set out to buy the perfect doona, keep the aftercare in mind. 

For example, if you won’t be home most of the time and won’t be able to clean the doona, then buy one that requires minimal cleaning. Machine-friendly down doonas are very easy to take care of. 

But if you want to take the time to clean your doona properly and keep it dust-free, then you can always opt for one that requires thorough maintenance by hand. Even the region you live in and its relative humidity will affect your purchase.


So, dear reader, these are a few things to remember before you finalize your dream down doona. So don’t wait anymore, and start making that purchase today!