Is your friend relocating to another state? Here are 5 practical ways to help them move!

By March 2021, 104,100 people had moved interstate within the previous three months in Australia. So, it’s pretty common if your (best) friend is also about to move. And no matter how bitter you feel about the separation, this is a part of life. 

During this phase, they will be grateful for all and any help they can get. So, make sure to encourage them and be present to help them since the entire process of relocating to another state can truly be very daunting. 

You can help them coordinate, plan and pack things up to make things easier for them. There are ways of helping them without getting involved in the labor-intensive bit, yet it would still make a huge difference!

If you’re still wondering how to support them, here are a few practical ways!

  1. Ensure that they’re fed and hydrated

Amidst all the work – packing, remembering everything perfectly, and planning things out- people commonly forget to eat well and stay hydrated. 

Your friend will require all the energy they can get at this time. As a friend, the best thing you can do is to bring them meals on time and remind them to stay hydrated. 

However, keep in mind that don’t bring any messy food. Or else it will be extra work for them to get it cleaned and sorted. 

Dry and hassle-free food like sandwiches, pizza, tacos, a bag of chips, or fruits can make great meal ideas for your friend. Throw some disposable plates, too, to take it up a notch! 

  1. Take care of their pets 

Shifting can be quite distressing for pets, which might affect your friend. Even if it’s not a bother for them, they can get in the way of the process, making things difficult for your friend. 

You’ll help them by caring for their pet or, better yet, getting them to your home while your friend can work peacefully. 

Do this, especially during the loading and unloading of trucks. This way, you’ll relieve your friend of added stress and ensure their pet won’t be affected in any way!

  1. Search up and connect them to good moving services

Another way to help them greatly is to look up necessary services. Help them save time by searching for good moving and packing services online. Compare services, read reviews, and get the best price. 

If they have a vehicle, discuss how they want to move it. Whether they will drive it themselves or your friend, you plan to drive it alternatively to the destination. 

Of course, you can again recommend good Interstate Car Transport services as they will be much safer and quicker!

  1. Bring over some extra stuff 

One can never have enough boxes and supplies to complete the packing process. So, each time you visit their place, check and note things they might run out of and stock those up on the subsequent visit. 

It can be very annoying to stop midway through working to run to the store for supply, so you will do them a great favor by getting it for them. However, you do not need to go overboard as it might lead to wastage!


  1. Just be there for them

If your friend feels lonely about leaving the place or has nobody to overlook the entire process, your company can mean a lot to them. So, whenever you have time off your schedule, visit them and help them with whatever you can. 

If they don’t have their vehicle, lend them yours when they need to go places. Help them organize and group their things to facilitate the process. If they want to dispose of or donate a few things, take the initiative and get it done for them.

Final Thoughts 

You don’t need to go overboard with anything. Doing little but relevant things can greatly help someone undergoing such a major change. But if you feel confused about getting started, the abovementioned steps will help you!