5 Signs That You Need Your Water Heater Replaced

Typically we take hot water for granted, that is, until we don’t have any. After a long day, you come home, hop in the shower or bath, and enjoy a relaxing scrub.  However,  this time it is anything but relaxing; as a matter of fact, it is ice cold. There are several reasons for a water heater to stop working, and not always, but most times, there are signs that it is going out. 

Many of our modern conveniences depend on the hot water heater in our homes to be functional, from doing dishes and laundry to showers, baths, and handwashing. 

If you are considering a new water heater in the Sherman Oaks area, consider searching for “Sherman Oaks plumbers” online for help in repairing or replacing your old water heater. 

  1. Odd Noises

Has your water heater been making strange rumbling or banging noises? When the water is heating up, and you hear strange noises coming from the unit, that is a good sign that your water heater needs attention. Sediment eventually builds up in the tank that hardens, making it much harder for your water heater to do its job.

  1. Old Units

If you are not sure when your water heater was installed, you can sometimes check the label on the unit and find the installation date. When there is no installation date, Sherman Oaks plumbers can use the serial number to at least find the date of manufacture for the age of your heater. Warranties vary on new water heaters, averaging six to ten years. 

  1. Dirty Water

If you are experiencing bursts of dirty or rusty water when you turn the tap to hot, your water heater may be corroded inside. Once the unit starts to corrode, rust takes over and can form sediment that damages appliances, tastes bad, and stains laundry. 

  1. Leaks

The water around the unit on the floors could mean it is time to replace your hot water heater. Even if there is no visible water pouring from the unit, small fissures could form, leading to condensation or actual puddles in the area as a telltale sign. Inspect the area around your water heater if you see moisture or leaks.

  1. Temperatures Fluctuate 

If you are suddenly experiencing shortages of hot water, or your shower’s temperature isn’t as hot as it used to be, it may be time to look for Sherman Oaks plumbers who can diagnose the problem. Water heaters that are beginning to fail will sometimes have inconsistent temperatures or just not get as hot as when they were new. 

Proactive Service

If you suspect you have problems with your water heater, consider proactive service to your unit to mitigate any damages. Having your unit flushed and repaired can save you the immediate cost of a new water heater. When your heater can’t be repaired, replacement offers attractive options such as money-saving energy star features. Replacement also offers warranties for peace of mind and uninterrupted hot water for years.