5 of the most common habits to kick for a healthier, happier life 

Prioritizing your health is nothing new. In fact, the market is so saturated with what you can or can’t do, you’re often left puzzled with what the right answers really are. To put it simply, consistency is key, and if you have an end-goal to keep you on track with your changes, then that’s really all that’s important.

Whether you’re spending too much scrolling your phone, or drinking excessively without meaning to, these all become habits that you are unconsciously building without being aware of the consequences. This article will delve into things that start small, but often switch to habits in small spaces of time. 


Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, you name it, the world is on it. Screentime is consuming so much of our attention that we are failing to live in the present time. Finding yourself googling tips to defeat the dealer is one thing, but sitting for 8 hours at a time and watching a full season of a show – is a h era of Netflix and chill as a normal thing to do, however the rates of people who have managed to get any kind of fresh air are dropping at a rapid speed. Some days call for a chilled day, sayabit. Many individuals consider the it’s been a busy week and you need some downtime, but those that do it day in, day out, need to address the issue.

Stepping away from the television and having some quality time with family, friends and loved ones will ensure that your mind stays active, and you don’t fall at risk of becoming socially less available.

Not getting enough sleep 

This habit is something that is an issue for most of the public, as there are many reasons you might be having a lack of sleep. We aren’t here to educate you on the importance of sleep, that’s a given, and of course; it’s a necessity for everybody. We are here to explain what the lack of sleep may do to you, and how you can build a better sleeping pattern.

Even if you were to have just one bad night’s sleep, with not quite enough rest, you will feel lethargic and drowsy the next day, which will sabotage your work-life balance, and create mental stress. Along with this, you will find yourself in an irritable mood, and this then creates imbalances between loved ones. Those short-term impacts are what are most noticeable, however severe sleep deprivation will most likely heighten any mental health issues or create them in the first instance.

The first thing you should do when you’re looking to add in some extra Z’s, is to stick to a sleep schedule. By doing so, you are committing to yourself, and actively wanting to make a change. Secondly you should always pay attention to the things you consume, including food, drink and even your digital diet. Creating a peaceful Zen-like space will ensure that your mind and body are at ease when you’re falling asleep.

Digital diet

The rise in social media means that people are more connected than ever. Though this is positive for staying in touch across the world, it is severely detrimental to your mental health, also known as your “digital diet.” This is because what you consume has an impact on your health, along with the way in which you treat people around you. The average person checks their phone 28 times a day, and the constant comparison between the perfectly fine-tuned filtered images has a knock-on effect on one’s self esteem. Like the lack of sleep habit, checking your phone before bed will stimulate your mind, and keep it active through the night.

The best thing for preventing your phone habit is to put a limit on your screen time and ensure that you are engaging in enough physical activity, with plenty of fresh air. This habit is harder to conquer than said, but every step you take towards a limit is a step in the right direction.

Sitting too much 

Studies show that prolonged periods of sitting down will increase your risks of cardiovascular disease, being overweight, cancer and numerous other health complications. The surge of working from home has resulted in the average individual spending up to six hours a day sitting, which is a habit that needs to be stopped in its tracks if you are looking to improve your quality of life.

The best advice for getting up and moving is to set timers for which you should get outside and enjoy some breaks. Even if you aren’t able to exercise, you can take a long park walk to breathe in the fresh air and improve your metabolism.

Mindful eating

We aren’t talking about diet, we’re talking about being more mindful when it comes to your food. Being food aware is key, but counting every calorie can cause obsessive behaviors and result in numerous mental health complications. Picking up too many snacks throughout the day when you know you aren’t going to be doing much activity is a habit which can be curbed by a mindful way of eating. Swap out certain items that are known for being high in sugar and replace them with either fruit or vegetable-based snacks, and ensure your proteins and fats are balanced — it can really be that easy! You’ll often find that even the smallest of changes will have the biggest improvement on your overall energy, feeling and mood.

As you begin to combat these habits, remember to always listen, and understand what your body needs. If you are struggling in any way with any of the habits that we have mentioned, then it is always best to consult a physician and talk through your problems. Creating a change is one thing, but creating a new habit takes time — keep at it.