4 Summoners War Mistakes Every Player Should Avoid

In Summoners War: Sky Arena, even the slightest choice can make a significant impact on your battle. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that a newbie makes. Here are 4 common mistakes that even experienced players often fall into, along with tips on how to avoid them, ensuring your gameplay remains top-notch and your monsters become unbeatable. Let’s explore these pitfalls to enhance your gaming experience and keep your strategies sharp.

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1. Don’t Ignore Early Game Missions

You can’t expect to run a sprint in Summoners War. Take your time getting used to the fundamentals; just doing things the “Summoners Way” will give you a solid grasp.

Along with learning the basics, you will initially get a respectable quantity of prizes.

Also advised is completing your Daily Missions. Though at first glance the benefits may not appear significant, the crystals and Summoning Scroll Pieces are well worth it. Check the current Events often since one of the greatest ways to get worthwhile items is via prizes.

Remember, becoming the best means not being lazy.

2. Don’t Spend Crystals The Wrong Way

The rule is simple: you can spend whatever amount of crystals you want as long as it’s energy. Other than that, you’re gonna regret it later.

The Premium Pack I is the largest pitfall that many early players fall into (many mid- and end-game players also purchase this). Getting one free when you purchase ten Mystical Scrolls seems like a wonderful deal. But you’ll miss your 750 crystals and be sorry.

3. Don’t Use All Your 4* Skill Ups

The majority of the time, the monsters on your squad must have their skills maximized. Although this is not always simple for newcomers, you should never utilize your final 4-star monsters to increase the skills of others. Never throw away more than one of each element; you don’t know when you may need them. A balance adjustment may improve certain monsters, or you may find that you need them for one of your next teams. Therefore, watch out not to feed them too soon. Because they are so uncommon and some of them may affect the course of late-game content, Light and Dark 4-stars should never be utilized as fodder.

4. Don’t Switch Dungeons Frequently

You may find different runes and treasures in different dungeons. Though at initially you’ll want a little of everything, it’s important to focus on one dungeon (Giant’s Keep) to get some fundamental runes.

Many dungeons call for various teams. To be able to defeat all of them, you would have to rune a great deal more monsters. This cannot be accomplished without some time spent cultivating in Giants.

So, these are the 4 common mistakes that every player should avoid. If your goal is to maximize your profile, you can just buy an account. You can also buy more game accounts since U7BUY has a large collection of games.