an employment lawyer

3 ways how an employment lawyer can help you as an employer

Not just employees but, employers can too benefit from an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer is a good medium to solve conflicts between employees and their employers. If you are a good employer and you are only trying to abide by the laws, rules, and regulations that apply to your field of business directly, having an employment lawyer can primarily help you understand the complex laws for better compliance. Employment laws, like any other law, can be pretty complex and difficult to understand but complying with them while also taking care of individual concerns and complaints in the company can be even more difficult when you don’t fully understand the law and your employee’s rights based on those. As as an employer, it is important to have a background in the introduction to business law. This will help you approach legal concepts and apply ethical standards pertaining to employment law and other business concerns.

If you, as an employer, don’t understand the employee rights and laws, you would not be able to help them with their concerns in an appropriate manner. You might notice an increase in the employees’ dissatisfaction that can lead to complaints and even legal actions. Even though legal actions are pretty rare but in case it happens, having an employment lawyer to represent you and your company is crucial for the resolution of the conflicts and also protect your company image.

Here are three major ways hiring an employment lawyer can help you as an employer.

Making sure of successful employment 

It is easily assumed that an employment lawyer is only for legal representation and is called when some kind of negative concern or issue arises. However, employment lawyers’ primary job is to give legal advice so that you as an employer will be able to understand if your business is complying with the local, national and international laws even before you have started to run the business.

While most of the employee law consists of rules and regulations to protect the employee in the departments of hiring, workplace misconducts like harassment and discrimination, etc, mandatorily mentioned in their application forms, an employment lawyer ensures that the employer themselves understands the mentioned laws and also how to implement them in the workplace.

When an employee files a complaint 

Employment laws are pretty strict when it comes to protecting employees from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Thus, a filed complaint again a case of discrimination or harassment can be one of the most major legal concerns for an employer. The accusations should be taken seriously but as an employer, you too will need legal representation that can be easily achieved through an employment lawyer.

Moreover, prevention is easier than cure. Understanding protection laws well, as the potential ways they can be breached and how things can be solved, with the help of a protection lawyer can help you prevent unfortunate events, saving a lot of money and time in the future.

Legal representation for collective bargaining 

Legally it is not possible for an employer to stop their employees from creating a workers’ union. However, the changes that such worker unions bring may become difficult to handle at a point in time. Also, employers cannot legally inhibit employees from bargaining for the employment and the compensation they get for the work they do. After unionizing, the demands of the newly formed union or even individual demands might not be very feasible with the number of resources and investments that your company has. So, in such scenarios, you as an employer might not be able to fulfill demands as you can’t afford to do so which may again cause employee dissatisfaction causing a lot of damage to your organization.

Thus, in such conditions, you need to bargain with them, and to handle such collective bargaining, you need an employment lawyer to legally represent you.


Even when you are a good employer and you put your efforts to run the company well while taking care of your employees’ rights and complying with laws and regulations, you may still face occasional feuds between you and your employees as some individuals may feel offended by something, going through bullying and harassment or have major personal concerns. Thus, it is always good to have an expert employment lawyer, not just for the sake of you and your business but also for your employees and their welfare.