3 Tips for Keeping Bulk Greenery Fresh

Florists say that greenery can stay fresh for several weeks if you follow simple rules for caring for it. Of course, it all depends on the freshness and type of greenery from which the bouquet is composed. But still, there are some tricks to help extend the life of a flower arrangement.

How to keep wholesale greenery fresh?

1) Temperature plays a very important role in the storage of flowers and greenery. Direct sunlight, drafts, and sources of heat and cold can adversely affect the condition of plants. For example, they can lose moisture and fade quickly. Choose a room that is regularly ventilated.

2) One easy way to slow down the withering of greens is to choose the right storage container. The neck of the vase should not squeeze the stems. The diameter should be several times the circumference of the stems. The container must be rinsed with warm water before being used for storage. Thus, you will get rid of harmful microflora.

3) If the water is not changed every day, the greens can quickly deteriorate. It is also important to rinse the vase so that no harmful microorganisms remain in it. In this case, it is desirable to touch the plants as little as possible. Touches injure the surface layer of the plant, moisture evaporates through imperceptible dents, which it needs so much. Follow these simple rules, and your plants will stay fresh for a long time.

Where to buy fresh greenery in bulk?

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