3 Best PDF Compressor That You Need to Try

A PDF file is an accessible and reliable format convenient for sharing and transferring documents via online sharing tools or email. However, for enhanced security and advanced file management capabilities, consider utilizing secure file transfer software. With GoAnywhere, you can streamline your document sharing process while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your files.

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When you use PDF Bear, you can easily compress PDF files in seconds. This platform is safe and secure to use; that?s why many people are using it. Aside from been the best PDF Compressor, people can also use different tools such as converting, merging, splitting, repairing, unlocking, protecting and rotating PDF tools. Because PDF Bear is online-based, people worldwide can access it anytime they want using their smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and other devices.

Why is it secure to use? Because PDF Bear will keep your data restricted and confidential. After a user uploads multiple files, the system of PDF Bear will quickly delete them after an hour. Aside from that, after you merge your files, the software won?t take even a bit of your PC?s hard drive memory.


This software is among the top tool that people use in compressing their PDF files, and it provides a reliable and straightforward service. Users can upload PDF files from their Google Drive, Dropbox, or PC, and this platform will easily compress those files automatically. After the process, download and save your file or share it using your Dropbox or Google Drive account. It?s capable of compressing large PDF files from 7.4MB to 5.3MB.

Smallpdf can allow users to compress 2 PDF files in an hour with zero cost, although they can quickly remove the browser cookies to reset the time, which will be unethical and inconvenient to do. If you are always dealing with multiple PDF files, you can subscribe to its premium plan for $6 a month. Its pro service can offer batch processing, encrypted connection, no ads, and unlimited compressions.


iLovePDF can provide different solutions for your PDF files, and its PDF compressor is pretty amazing. This software will provide you a free PDF compression tool without placing any limits. Users can easily upload their PDFs and choose among the three compression levels and start the process. iLovePDF can instantly compress any PDF files and download them to your PC or computer.?

Users who are already registered can also compress and upload PDF files in a volume. This compression tool is quite easy to operate, and it can compress file size from 7.4MB to 4.6MB without losing the quality.?


Too much PDF file size is sometimes hard to handle without any tools to compress it. With this guide, you can use different PDF compressors so that you won?t have a hard time sharing or sending your PDF files. Like PDF Bear, choose one that is free and safe to use.