Ritter Sport Summer 2010 – Peach-Passionfruit Yogurt

I was recently in Europe for a conference, and I went a little bonkers buying candy (as usual). Three of my prize finds were the three limited edition summer Ritter Sport bars, which I’ll be covering this week. Today, we’ve got Peach-Passionfruit Yogurt.

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ZOMG, Candy! now on Facebook

I finally decided to make a Facebook page for the blog. The current plan is to use it in a Twitter-like fashion (because I don’t want to actually Twitter) to show sneak previews or little snippets of my candy world that don’t warrant a full blog post.

There’s not much on the page yet, but come check it out! Sometime in the next week or so, I will randomly select people to give candy to – my candy stash needs culling!

Albanese Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears

Albanese makes my favorite gummi bears, so I was quite excited to see some of their chocolate-covered gummi bears turn up in my NCA pre-trade show goodie bag.

Albanese gave out their samples in hand-packaged candy dime bags, so I have no idea what the commercial packaging looks like. My guess is that they’re primarily a bulk bin treat, so they may not have commercial packaging.

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Cherry Raisinets

I got these Cherry Raisinets in my NCA pre-trade show goodie bag (get used to seeing that; it was a biiiig goodie bag). The press release describes them as “Montmorency Tart Cherries… drenched in rich Nestle Dark Chocolate”.

The bag brags that they’re real fruit. I wish they’d chosen more realistic cherry images though; the half ones on the bag look super fake/maraschino-y.

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Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits

These Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits came in my free candy goodie bag from the NCA. They’re a new type of Skittle that “fizzes in your mouth to deliver a tongue-tingling sensation.”

For some reason, Skittles chose to debut these in berry flavors: strawberry, berry punch, melon berry, wild cherry, and raspberry.

Each Fizzl’d Fruits Skittle came with an uneven coating of white fizz that created a bubbly, carbonated sensation on the tongue and in the back of the throat. The severity of the coating varied significantly from Skittle to Skittle, so each Skittle’s fizzy factor varied as well.

Wild cherry (red) had a deep red cherry flavor. Strawberry (pink) started off sour, then mellowed out to sweeter floral fruity flavors.

Raspberry (blue) tasted lightly seedy but was overall rather light on flavor. Berry punch (purple) tasted deeply of dark tanin flavors, and melon berry (green) tasted vaguely of kiwi.

I enjoyed the fun effect of the fizzy coating, but I wasn’t particularly attached to any of the Skittles flavors themselves. I’m not sure why they chose to Fizzl berry flavors rather than their original line-up, but I’d really like to try Fizzl’d citrus Skittles.

An O for this flavor assortment, but the idea definitely holds promise!