Cadbury Soft English Toffee

This Cadbury Soft English Toffee bar caught my eye in the candy aisle at Wegman’s because of the soft English toffee part. In England, toffee is what we’d call caramel.

In the case of this bar, the soft English toffee refers to a smooth, flowing caramel. It’s sweet and sticky, with a gorgeous golden hue.

The bar is segmented into square pillows, each stamped with the Cadbury logo. I think each pillow is supposed to completely contain the English toffee filling, but some of my breaks oozed.

The milk chocolate is thick and cloying, with a slight grain as it melts. It tastes dusky, with buttery notes and a throat-burning sweetness.

The caramel filling tasted strongly of butterscotch. Together with the sweet milk chocolate, this bar was a total sugar bomb.

Cadbury’s Soft English Toffee bar was crazy sweet and intensely decadent. It was too sweet for my taste, but some friends of mine enjoyed it and quickly gobbled it up. An O.