Cherry Raisinets

I got these Cherry Raisinets in my NCA pre-trade show goodie bag (get used to seeing that; it was a biiiig goodie bag). The press release describes them as “Montmorency Tart Cherries… drenched in rich Nestle Dark Chocolate”.

The bag brags that they’re real fruit. I wish they’d chosen more realistic cherry images though; the half ones on the bag look super fake/maraschino-y.

The actual cherries in the Cherry Raisinets were bright, sweet, and fruity. They didn’t taste like dried cherries. Instead, it was sweeter and more moist.

While the cherry centers were a little overly sweet, the chocolate coating was way too sweet. It was grainy and of poor quality. I found it neither rich nor dark.

It also wasn’t terribly attractive, with its lumpiness and lack of uniform sheen and polish. The chocolate was definitely the weak link here and brought the whole treat down.

Emily’s does chocolate-covered cherries better, but they also cost much more. You get what you pay for, I guess. At its price point, it’s not a bad addition to the Raisinet line-up. An O.

Cybele’s also covered this on Candy Blog.