Haribo Clown Fish

Haribo Clown Fish [Review]

I bought these Haribo Clown Fish at the dollar store. I’d never seen them before on usual store shelves, and after tasting them, I figured out why.

Haribo Clown Fish

For starters, they smelled just awful out of the bag, like vaguely fruity heated plastic. The chew was plasticky as well, stiff and elastic. It necessitated biting and tearing to get through.

The fish shapes were cute enough. They came in red, yellow, and green, with translucent stripes of color alternating with solid stripes of white. Most were all the same color, though I did get at least one green/gold hybrid mixed in.

Haribo Clown Fish

Red tasted like artificial red candy, with maybe a hint of floral flavor to the finish. Hard to tell over the plastic.

Yellow was pineapple. It a strong citrus bite to it, and the flavor wasn’t bad, but the texture marred it all.

Green was the worst of all. It started out bright but then immediately mellowed into a weird, artificial apple flavor. It was strangely muted with milk or cream or something. I’d chalk that up to the white stripes, but the other fish lacked that creaminess.

Yellow was the only palatable one of the bunch. But green was a spit it out and run away experience, red was meh, and all of them had the same off-putting texture. Sorry Haribo, but these fish get a .