Fling –> 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars

Remember those awfully marketed but okay tasting Fling bars from Mars? I think they’ve been repurposed – and repackaged – as “new” 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp bars. Here’s the new bar’s website and the press release announcing them.

Below is the Fling version of the bars. I guess Mars dropped the sparkly chocolate angle. I also find it interesting that they chose to give them the 3 Musketeers brand to boost sales, presumably because they’ve already established the brand as a lower calorie and lower fat alternative candy bar. Isn’t marketing fascinating?

Finally, the new bar’s tagline, “Rich enough to share, but you really won’t want to” is so much better than the Fling’s, “Your boyfriend doesn’t need to know.”

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  1. Wait, they seriously marketed a candy bar with the slogan “Your boyfriend doesn’t need to know”??!! Wow, almost as bad as the Yorkie: “Not for girls.” Who are the people who come up with this stuff?

  2. I never tried fling, but I did try theses new truffle crisps: disgusting.

    Honestly; not even worth reviewing for the sake of curiosity. They are just bad.

  3. just tried eating one of the truffle crisp. WOW, The “taste” its self I guess was okay of the top part anyway, but it was like nails scratching a chalk board or something trying to eat it.. It was like I bit into this thing and was like , “okay, yumm…. CRUNK” and not in a good way, it was like I hit stirofoam inside a chocalate center and that is what it felt like trying to chew it. It was like the fingernail on chalk board feeling for me, trying to chew it. I couldn’t even determine an actual “taste” from the stirofoam, chalk supstance that was lodged inside the candy. It was like it was just there with the sole purpose to annoy.

    Maybe 3 must. is trying to take their reputation of being the “dieter’s candy bar” to the next level by turning us off candy bars completely.

    I had always like 3 must. which is what even prompted me to try it. Now I don’t even know if I will be able to get one of those with out thinking about chewing on chalk.

    Did I mention, I wasn’t impressed 🙂

  4. I tried these today and I actually loved them and so did my friend. They are a melt in your mouth kind of good. I will be buying them from now on.

  5. No way, are you sure that fling gave 3 musketeers their chocolate? You know what I think? I think that 3 musketeers copied fling, but I’m glad they did because I just love 3musketeers.

    There’s actually a difference between the fling and 3 musketeers truffle crisp. The chocolate covered of fling is darker than 3musketeers. The crisp of 3musketeers is more crunchier than fling. 3musketeers doesn’t have any sparkle on top of the bars unlike fling. And last, the fling truffle filling is yucky compared to 3musketeers is really good.

    Thant’s all.

  6. I looked for these for over a month after I first seen the commercials for it and finally found them at a gas station and I have to say it is the best candy bar that I have ever eaten in my life. It just melts in your mouth when you bite into it. I have bought them anytime I have seen them since and plan on enjoying them for a long time to come!!!!!!!!

  7. My friend and I just bought them for lunch today and they are already an office favorite! We are watching our calories, so these are the perfect little snack to pick up–and, surprisingly, they are filling!! Give it a chance, you’ll be glad you did 🙂

  8. In response to an above post…the crisp portion is whipped egg white, aka merengue, with a cocoa flavor. I agree that it is weird scrapey, crunchy sound, but the overall flavor is absolutely delish, so I’ll forgive them. It satisfies my crunchy and chocolate need without being overly sweet (like kit-kat and twix have become).

  9. I was really disappointed when I couldn’t find Flings anymore, a somewhat regular “diet” indulgence. Once I saw the picture in some ad for these things, and figured out both are offered from the same company (Mars), I thought “looks just like a Fling” and was pleasantly surprised to try them and find they taste the same (many of the Flings I purchased most recently have been stale – that could account for a difference if noticed. Otherwise they seem the same to me). Love these things. So happy they’re on the market again. Only problem is they now come in a 2 pack instead of one, so not eating the second is extremely hard 🙂

  10. Fling Bars are delicious. I don’t care what anybody says. I love them. The ony reason people didn’t like them is because they are so different than the candy people are used to eating. I like the varitity. (:

  11. Okayyyy,,, you guys are out of your mind these are sooo gooooddd and so much better then the regular one i love the crunch and the taste it leaves.for whoever hasnt tried them try them and dont listen to the reviews:)))))

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