Brach’s Jelly Nougats

I love bulk bins because they let you buy exactly how much you want. I especially love them for candy because they let me buy just enough to taste for a review. The last time I was at a Wegman’s with bulk bins (my neighborhood one is too small to have a bulk bin section, but that’s a good thing, as it prevents me from gorging on malted milk balls and Albanese 12-flavor gummi bears on a too-regular basis), I picked out four Jelly Nougats by Brach’s.

Thank goodness I only spent about 50 cents on them.

I was naive enough to think that, because they had nougat in the name and because they were white in color, they would taste like actual nougat. And they were so colorful and artsy looking to boot!

Alas, they just tasted like blech. The jelly bits look like they should be fruity, and they kind of are, but not really. They mostly tasted of sproingy sweetness.

The nougat had a persistent chew that was soft and not at all sticky. It tasted a bit floral and fruity, but mostly it was just sugar overload like whoa. I don’t think it was the sweetness factor alone that made this a spit-out candy for me – rather, I think it was that the sugar lacked any other substantial flavor to back it. Sweet and fruity is okay. Sweet and more sweet is not. One of my roommates called it old people candy.

My roommates enjoyed it, though they agreed with me that it was cloying. I could smell the candies as they were eating them from several feet away, and the smell was lovely, bright, and fruity. Why couldn’t they taste like that too?

For me, it’s a . Save your pennies for something else!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I’m a Wegman’s shopper, too. Although I have you to blame for my weekly batch of Albanese gummy bears (that are the best!), I appreciate being steered away from candy that isn’t worth my money. Thanks!

  2. Jelly nougats are one of those candies that I love, but only eat in secret because I know they’re actually disgusting. I think I like the texture enough to get past the bland taste. On the plus side, I never have to worry about anyone else in my house eating them!

  3. I haven’t eaten these since I was about 9, so my memory of them being the most delicious candy is, well, probably a little distorted. I would love to taste one now, but haven’t seen the “pick a mix” anywhere in years. Did they have the neopolitan coconut(stripes of brown, white, and pink coconut and one stripe of caramel)? That is my other favorite from the Brachs cart, another one I wish I could get a bite of now!

  4. I have to disagree. One of my favorites as a kid and now that I am forty. Unfortunately for me, hard to find nowadays.

    Overly sweet? Sure. But so is candy corn and every candy made by Wonka that I still love.

  5. The jelly nougats are horrible and taste nothing like they used to years ago. In the 70’s and 80’s they were more rectangular shaped, these are flatter. The nougat part was white, these are now more of an off-white creams color. The nougat is now more transparent like. The jellied bits used to be more brightly colored, like red, orange and yellow. The jellied bits are now lighter colored. These are like a cheap knock-off from the old ones. Why did they change it? These things are horrible! The old ones were worth buying, but I wouldn’t eat these things if you gave them to me. My mother said the same thing, she remembers the old ones as well.

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