Haribo Maoam Sour Candies

In light of recent news that’s been pushing a lot of traffic to my site, I thought I’d throw up some pictures of “Haribo Maoam Sour Candies” – really Maoam Stripes, a yummy, brightly flavored taffy treat I picked up last summer in England – to show people what they’re really looking for.

I don’t think the green guy’s doing anything illicit in these wrappers, though I’ll admit that the controversial ones are much more… questionable.

I have a set of the same candies with but with different, tamer wrappers (given to me by my associate master) that I’ve been meaning to get out a review for. Will hop to it to take advantage of this news flash.

4 Replies to “Haribo Maoam Sour Candies”

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  2. Ha! I love these sweets but i’ve never noticed untill now how dodgy the pictures are! especially the apple one. and the cherry one isnt really any better! im guessing there is some subliminal message that haribo is trying to say. sex sells after all. a recent survey at LoveHoney showed that 89% of people prefered sex to chocolate. you can check out the link here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2009/08/28/89-percent-think-sex-is-better-than-chocolate-nomi-tang-agrees/.
    But for goodness sake these sweets are for children!
    mighty delicious though! thanks for the blog entertainment!

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