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15 Sporadic Vlog Ideas that Will Be Loved by Viewers

Vlogging can be a hectic experience for many vloggers, and there may be instances when they feel burnt out or devoid of new ideas to create engaging vlogs. The audience on any platform craves quality content, and the same applies to your vlog viewers.?You need to churn out quality content regularly to keep your audience engaged and garner their precious attention. You must always be on the lookout for innovative ideas for creating your vlogs.?This post briefly examines 13 sporadic vlog ideas that are sure to drive engagement and lure in new subscribers for your vlog audience.

13 sporadic vlog ideas to Garner Audience Attention

Here is a list of 13 sporadic vlog ideas that can help you in creating content regularly and has the potential to serve as a benchmark for vlog content creation.

  1. Behind the scenes vlogs

Behind the scene, vlogs are vital for your audience as they get a sneak peek of what goes behind the scenes of their vlog production. This video has to be unique, and you must emphasize the aspects that your audience wants to see.

A behind-the-scenes vlog can help in building authenticity and also help you in connecting with your audience at a deeper level. A prime example of this would be the sporadic vlog ideas that Lavendaire publishes on her YouTube channel.

She portrays her products and encourages her viewers to make the purchase. If your content is unique and high-quality, it will gather the attention it deserves.

  1. Launch exclusive products through vlogs

Leveraging YouTube videos for product launches are always a good idea. But many creators fail to realize that monetizing their channel has a much broader aspect than putting ads in the video.

You can develop a diverse income stream by using ads, sponsorships, affiliate marketing links, or even selling your products through your vlogs.?The product you sell can be e-books, e-courses, diet plans, and a lot more.

Selling intangible products takes out the hassle of managing inventory or shipping related issues. You can use an outro maker to integrate a relevant CTA at the end of your video to prompt viewers to take action. Click here to read more.

  1. Vlogs involving virtual tours

If you have a cool workplace, it might be a good idea to create a vlog centered on it. Whenever you are traveling, try to create a vlog that describes things to try when in a specific area.

You can add value to the vlog by including unique things to try at a place, information that they cannot find anywhere else.

Vloggers create unique content by portraying their unique experience. For example, Inthefrow booked a palace to stay in when she came on a vacation to India.

Now, how many people can claim they got to stay in a palace during their vacation? Vlogs like these help you stand out to viewers.

  1. Bag contents review vlog

Curiosity sometimes gets the better of your audience, and they most likely wonder about the contents that their favorite vlogger carries regularly. Leading vloggers now publish ?What?s in my bag?? themed vlogs on a monthly or a quarterly basis.

Vlogs like these add personality to your channel and carry unique information about you.

YouTube vlogger Erin May Henry showcases her bag she takes to work and shows everything to the camera.

She showcases everything: from her cosmetic items to what she uses in between meetings to freshen up. These videos are very helpful for her in growing a female subscriber base.

  1. Survival guide vlogs

A survival guide vlog is not just limited to survival tips; rather, it can be about any topic that people experience difficulty understanding.

These are excellent means to convey information to viewers and help them understand the topics they are talking about.

You must ensure that you choose only those topics you are well versed in and include information relevant to your channel. You can also include personal touches in your content that make your content stand out from the rest.

  1. Vlogs about favorite products

Favorite product videos are immensely popular with vloggers because of their creation ease and fun nature. The only prerequisite for a favorite product video is your favorite products, and you need to talk about them.

It can be anything: cuisines, phones, songs, or household products. A popular vlogger, LustreLux creates Amazon Favorites videos that showcase the products she buys from Amazon and enjoys.

You, too, can follow the same footsteps and even include an Amazon affiliate link to earn a small commission from every product that gets sold through your link.

7. Collaboration vlogs

Collaborating with other YouTubers opens up a host of possibilities. You can not only learn from their ideas, but it also exposes your content to their audience.?You can team up with fellow YouTubers and come up with enticing content ideas and enjoy a high engagement level.

The Sorry Girls Duo YouTube channel is known for its intuitive DIY guides, and they have collaborated with other YouTubers in the past. They come up with excellent quality content and tutorials that have made them instant fan favorites.

You can use tools such as  to integrate special effects in your videos and make them even more appealing to the viewers.

8. Shopping vlogs

Shopping vlogs are immensely popular among the fashion, technology, and beauty vloggers. All you need is a recently purchased product and show its characteristics in front of your audience.

The more items you portray in your shopping vlogs, the better it would be for the reach of your channel.

A popular YouTube channel, She?s in Her Apron, takes her shopping vlogs to a whole another level by showcasing her cost intuitiveness and making the video highly appealing for users who are looking for a value-for-money shopping experience.

You, too, can put something unique in your vlogs and develop helpful content for your audience.

  1. Do?s and Don?ts videos

These videos are great for explaining how to do certain things or how to use certain products.

These videos differ from tutorial videos as their center of information delivery lies around providing references or tips & tricks to your audience.

DRNGO is a highly popular Dos and Donts vlog channel that provides tips on how to correctly draw certain items and fix some common mistakes.

Viewers use their videos as a reference and compare their drawings to find flaws and rectify their mistakes.

  1. Tutorial vlogs

Although YouTube is flooded with tutorial vlogs, it doesn?t mean you shouldn?t make one for your channel.

If you are proficient in a product or service that people usually experience in learning about, publishing a tutorial vlog for the same might be a good idea.

Alec Markarian runs a YouTube channel where he regularly posts Photoshop tutorials and teaches beginners about the intricacies of the platform.

He supplements his YouTube efforts by offering different graphic packages on his website that people can use in their designing endeavors.

11. Skill demonstration vlogs

These videos are very similar to tutorials but are not intended to teach every time. Skill demonstration videos are a great way to explain to people how to use certain products and don?t give all the information away.

These vlogs can suit almost any vlog channel?s theme.

Chris Ramsay runs a popular YouTube channel where he shows the intricacies involved in card tricks.

Since card tricks are something that cannot be demonstrated by using plain text, people flock to his channel to learn about the various tricks that he shows.

  1. Event recap vlogs

If you attend a lot of events, creating an event recap video might be a good and one of the sporadic vlog ideas. These vlogs give viewers a sneak peek into various events and can build the creator a loyal audience.

You can leverage these videos to showcase live events in videos or high-quality stills your audience can enjoy.

Aweber Email Marketing YouTube channel created an event recap video for the 2014 ASCEND Digital Marketing Summit, which shows the highlights of all the speakers and events from the entire event.

These videos are very helpful for time-conscious viewers who want to view the key points of a multi-day event within a few minutes.

  1. Compilation vlogs

If you are in the vlog creation game for a long time, you can create compilation videos by pulling specific video parts from your past creations.

For example, if you are a travel vlog creator, you can create compilation vlogs such as ?My 5 best travel experiences? by extracting relevant footage from your past vlogs.

There are a wide variety of vlogs that you can create through this approach. These types of videos perform well on social media, and viewers are more likely to stick around until the end of the video.

It?s highly suggested that you only include the best moments in your videos, as this drives people to watch your videos repeatedly.


Monetizing your vlogs is important. If you are a beginner in this domain, there is a lot of work that needs to be before you reach a massive audience.

However, it is easier than you think, and once you get started, you will start witnessing incremental growth within a short period.